Watching Digimon Xros Wars

So I’ve started watching the new season of Digimon again since I only watched three episodes and then forgot it. I realized how ridiculously epic this show was. I mean… serioulsy? Fusing digimon and making them look like a Gundam model? That’s hilarious! But once I got over that, the show itself was pretty cool.

The plot is basically your average “we must save the Digital world!” and all that. Though at least they added in a new element which was the X. I’ve watched up to 16 the moment I’m writing this. I actually have no problem with the plot as I never had with all the other Digimon seasons. It’s just that the characters…

Okay, here’s the problem in this anime. What in god’s name are those other two main characters supposed to be doing? Seriously! They only gave Taiki a digivice and then just, oh, those other two can do whatever. What I liked in Digimon was that all the main human characters had a digivice and at least they were contributing. But these two have nothing! All they do is just mope around while Taiki takes all of the glory. Seriously? I really hope that they get their own digivice, because to me, they’re pretty useless. Sure, they did something good (well, at least Zenjiro who took Taiki’s position when he overdone himself and needed rest), but I only saw that in one episode. Rather than that, all they do is tag along with Taiki. Jeez, they might as well return to the human world.

Next up are the digimons! Oh, how I love Lilithmon! ❤ she’s my favorite Demon Lords. I just can’t stand her face though… and her massive boobs that hang out. Rather than that, oh, she is such a tease! I LOVE HER! Then there’s the main Digimon cast, which is Shoutmon. I’m wondering right now, does he even digivolve? Because all he has been doing is fusing. He’s a rookie right? Jeez. So I checked online and found out that he actually digivolve into OmegaShoutmon… and then that’s it. Pretty pathetic. They kind of taken away the whole “you need to digivolve in order to beat them” and replaced it with “you need to X digivolve in order to beat them.” I mean, I find that cool and all, but I kind of miss the old fashion digivolution. My goodness! Bring me back the overused digivolution scene instead of the whole X digivolution scene. If they had to use a scene over and over and over, I would want them to use digivolution scene where they actually go up to the next level without fusing. I really don’t want to see them putting themselves together to turn into a Gundam anymore!

What makes me frustrates to no end is Cutemon! SERIOULSY? CUTEMON? WHAT IN GOD’S NAME? Oh my goodness! The horror! And it says “kyu” at every sentences! I had a heart attack when I saw that darn thing. What made me choke about it was when they said that Cutemon was a guy. IT WAS A DUDE? WHAT? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO

At episode 15, I kind of squealed when I saw Lucemon. Hah! He’s my other favorite (when he goes into Chaos Mode) Demon Lord. Or rather, I LOVE ALL THE DEMON LORDS. Yeeaaahhh!! When they showed Leviamon, that was pretty epic. So much Demon Lords! Then then they have Beezlebumon too. I was kind of disappointed that it wasn’t actually Beezlemon. Oh, golly.

I’m hoping they show all the Demon Lords in this anime just like how Digimon Savers showed the entire Royal Knights! 8D

Well, then, back to watching.

EDIT: Oh, look, I spoiled myself. Akari and Zenjiro do get a Xros Loader (what they call it now, though I’m still going to say Digivice). And did you realized how Shoutmon X4’s head looks just like Omnimon? Wow.


Lying is an Option

I found out that in my life, lying is such an easy option to take. It’s a road that you can jump down to a pool of water waiting to catch your fall. It’s easy to get to the bottom, although quite difficult to head back up.


The truth hurts. But at this point, I don’t know which hurts more. The straight out truth, or the better lie. I seem to be able to be a better liar than a truthful person. I mean, if I told the truth and nothing but the truth, I wouldn’t be able to jot the memories down to supply it with evidence. If I were to lie, it would be easier for me to make up more and more surreal fantasy stories. My mind is my greatest enemy, yet it is my most powerful weapon. A truth hurts too much and a lie makes the situation go on smoother.

I don’t know why, but when it comes to others, I tend to speak the truth. When it comes to myself, I tend to spit out the lies. I tell people that lying isn’t a good thing, yet I do it anyway. I’m a hypocrite. And I accept my consequences.

If I had lied, I wouldn’t be arrested three days before Winter break. If I had lied, I wouldn’t get my family in such a mess. If I had lied, I would’ve made my aunt and uncle relaxed about the “white boy” coming into the house for five seconds. I could’ve told them that he was a friend from my school and not some other town. That would be the best. Nope, I had to tell them the bland truth and bring them into a frenzy of racism.

I’m stuck in the solution of lying at everything. Soon, lies will consume my life, and it will be hard to get out of.

But to make myself feel better…

I’m much a better liar than I used to be. So much better… that it’s scary.

Indulging in Popular Books


I was never a fan of popular novels. Heck, I was never a fan of American novels to put it at that. I mean, the famous novelist now-a-days writes over 300 pages. I don’t have the attention span to read that much. If the storyline is really good, I’ll read it. I mean, I read the Book Thief (twice) and that was a hell of a good story.

My favorite kinds of books have to be light novels. I love these kind. I mean, they include pictures (because I’m quite childish when it comes to words on paper) but not a lot (although some do have tons). The best thing is that they’re usually 150 – 300 pages long. To some people, that might be a really short read, but if it’s a series, it comes in many volumes.  They’re basically an Anime style story and drawn like Anime.

Anyways, that was not what I wanted to talk about. Though I will put this out: Sooner or later, I will put out recommendations for light novels.

Back to the topic of… something…

I can’t read popular novels as well as not as popular books. I think it’s because people make the book sound like it’s the holy bible or something on that line. It brings my expectation up, well, sometimes. The other times, I really just want those fans to shut the hell up. I’m not the type who follows what the crowd is doing. I tend to stay away from something that is being glorified. Take the Hunger Games of example.

People are telling me that the movie and books are amazing! Yet I will never read it. Why? Because they keep on yappering about how good it is. And because I want to be ignorant about this book and I like to drive people away by saying that the book copies Battle Royal. That seems to always work. The Hunger Game fans get riled up and then they either leave me alone or give me hateful (or intelligent) comments. I never read the book (like I’ve said) nor have I even watched the movie. With so many people saying how good it is, I just can’t bring myself to read it. People make it sound so good that I’m afraid if I read it, I’ll be disappointed by it. Yeah, I’m weird like that.

Then there is the Twilight series. Oh, goodness.

As a teenage girl, I’m ashamed that so much girls of my age love this book. How can they? The story it awkward and the author’s style doesn’t even catch my attention. It bores me to death and I force myself to read it. Heck, I even watched the first movie, and I had some good laughs (at the scene that wasn’t supposed to be funny). Seriously, why would people love this story? Edward isn’t even a vampire. He’s a fairy. You know what? If the author (totally forgot her name and I don’t want to search it up on google) had said that Edward was a fairy instead of a vampire, I think I would’ve like it a bit more. I mean, I don’t hate it, but I don’t like it either. I usually hate due to the fans. Seriously, I think whatsherface (the author) only said Edward was a vampire because of the hype in the media. Just saying.

But to sum this up…

I don’t like popular books because they become overrated. And when they’re overrated, the author becomes cocky. And when that happens, they try to squeeze their cash cow even more. And that makes a crappy sequel. Wait… isn’t that usually video games and movies? I don’t know! But this is why I do not read popular books and why I tend to go into books that aren’t so known.

I don’t want people to tell me what to read. I want to find the gem in the bush (totally not the right phrase).


I was playing the MMORPG Digimon Master Online. It reminded me of my childhood. I mean, a lot of Asian kids (or maybe white, Hispanic, or black kids) watched Pokemon as a child. To be honest, I did like Pokemon during their first season, but now, it’s so ridiculous. Hell, how many seasons was there? Nine… teneight? Wait, wait, WHAT? FLIPPIN’ 16 SEASONS? ARE YOU CRAZY? 16 SEASONS AND 15 MOVIES?! SAJOIDFASJOIFAMXOCIXZBOGVAHIOTFAEWOIFJS

Ash isn’t ten anymore! He’s not a kid! He’s probably a young adult by now! I thought this was a kid show, change the protagonist! I can’t stand anymore of him! All he wants is “to become the Pokemon master.” And surely, HE SUCKS AT IT! It’s been over ten seasons and he’s still on the road to becoming a frickin’ Pokemon master. This, my friend, is why I like the manga better.

At least that changes the main character after a while. At least the Pokemon actually dies. At least there was blood! I mean, there was this one part where one of the gym leader made his golbat bite his arm and suck out his blood! Then the golbat spit out the blood at this other Pokemon (forgot what it was) to blind it. Now, that was amazing! I also like the fact that it was going for each of the Pokemon game instead of making up its own. I love how they portrait Ruby and Sapphire unlike the anime where they made Ruby -> May. Yeah, they’re completely different characters… or rather, no, they’re not. May is from the game. Wait, actually, they’re both different from the game. Silly me. But anyways, at least Ruby was a better likable character.

I’ve actually never watched the new seasons, but my friends told me that Dawn is horrible and extremely annoying. 

Sure, the first season’s theme song was extremely catchy–I actually don’t know if they invented other theme songs for the new seasons too, but I don’t want to find out–but you know what? I like the fourth season of Digimon’s theme song better. Yeah, I said it. Too bad there wasn’t a full version for it. That was kind of disappointing.

Now onto what I loveeeeeeeeee

Digimon! Oh, I find it weird that people say that it copies Pokemon. I don’t know why. It’s like when gamers complain about Infamous and Prototype being the same. There are many different things between Digimon and Pokemon. Just because they involve kids and… “things” with powers. I mean, evolution is one thing. Once a Pokemon evolves, they don’t devolve like a Digimon. That’s one thing that I like about Digimon. They only evolve when they’re in a tough situation and only tamers can make them evolve and all that other shenanigans. And one thing that I like about Digimon, DIFFERENT MAIN CHARACTERS EACH SEASONS. Oh my goodness!

Best of all, I love the design of the Digimons, they look amazing! Unlike Pokemon, I actually only remember some of them (I used to remember all 151 Pokemons until it went over the meter of 500).  

Digimon had an amazing group called the Royal Knights and the Seven Demon Lords. I LOVE THEM. They have inspired me on so many things as a writer.

All I have to say is that, you can’t pull me away from these two! I love the Digimon series for this! You will never bring me to the side of Pokemon! I mean, I love a few Pokemons like Charmander, Torchic, and then other dragon/fire type (SALAMENCE!!!!!). But unfortunately, my heart belongs to Digimon for their awesome design and their HILARIOUS ENGLISH TRANSLATED NAME. I mean, serioulsy?

Metalgreymon… Skullgreymon… Wargreymon… Ancientgreymon… Victorygreymon…


I remember the ridiculous digivolution. I mean, they digivolve into the weirdest Digimon xD like how most Digimon that turns bad becomes Orgemon no matter their type.

Pokemon or Digimon?

For me, Digimon. No questions.

I just felt like putting in a lot of pictures. BECAUSE PEOPLE LOVE PICTURESSSS!!!!!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

For an English project.

I had read this book for my English project. My group didn’t know what to read so I decided to pick this up and try it out. Sure, it looks ridiculous, and surely, I laughed at it when I first saw it a year ago. This wasn’t my first choice when I had to pick something out. It was actually a scifi book that was over 500 pages long. Of course, nobody would read that much in high school. We’re all too lazy to. Well, most of us are. I mean, I would’ve read the entire thing, but not in a week. In the end, my thoughts went to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for one reason: It was becoming a movie. A year ago, I saw it on the bookshelf of Barnes and Nobel, and I had a good chuckle at the idea. Then, I saw the poster for the movie and was surprised.

Now, obviously you don’t want to hear any more of my backstory. But I just felt like giving you the reason why I read the book, just like why Seth made reasons why he wrote the book.

Into the book, shall we?

The concept of the story was creative, for a writer like me, yes, very creative indeed. To me, and only my opinion, people who find this to be idiotic has to be closed minded or felt rather offended. I could be totally wrong, I mean, I’m quite open minded. Maybe some people just like me had thought it was stupid yet gave it a try, and then threw it away after a few pages. The author had made one of the greatest president a fool of himself. And that it utterly insulting! Fortunately, Abraham was my favorite president, but I still tried it out. Sure, he was sometimes historically incorrect, however, this was not a perfect story. There wasn’t a perfect story, there will always be a flaw. Like his style. I actually liked his way of writing the journals of Abraham. Though I felt it lacking… details. The author held his hand and pulled the readers through the story. Some didn’t like that.

At this point, I have no clue on what I’m even writing about. Not quite good at writing book reviews.

Let me get on to this one point that I loved in the book. The vampires. I’m not a huge vampire fans (werewolves for the win!) due to the media glorifying it. And especially with those horrid shows and sparkling fairies that’s trying to be a vampire. However, in this book, the vampires work so hard for their meal! I find it hilarious! They don’t just bite the person by their neck, they beat them until their victim is just a shell and THEN they suck the blood out of them. That’s frickin’ hilarious! I do like the way he portrait them though. They’re dark, they’re “evil.” Yet they were the ones that helped the Americans become… independent.

And this is for my friend: Oh, goodness! Those Hungarians lesbian vampires!

Overall, I found the book to be an amazing adventure. I heard that the movie left out a lot of Abraham’s past and that makes me extremely sad. And to the point where they rush a lot too.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter was a good book to read. It’s not a good book to be seriously debated about or to be made fun of. If you really want to read this novel, you must be open minded to everything that Seth throws at you. Because sometimes he just throws those curve balls and gosh they hurt.

A Whole New World

Hello, the name’s Ikerot and this is going to be my blog (yep). I’ll write about my daily life and my progress of my story. And maybe, I’ll even write in some serious matters.

I’m plagued by laziness and it is the worst thing you could have. As you can see here clearly, I like to press enter whenever I want to.

I like to write, it’s my thing. Unfortunately, like always, my laziness gets the better of me. I tend to waste my day listening to music and watching random videos on youtube. The next thing is ADD and writer’s block. These two are a combination for me. When I can’t think of this one story, I end up moving on to another and that’s trouble for me. To this day, I have only finished one story and written a full short story. After those two are me grammars. Arghh i try ta learn cha see. it tis hard for poor old me.

I will be publishing some of my work on here, so don’t be gentle. A worker will never learn if he keeps on making trouble and is never punished for it. Yeah, I said something smart. No, not really. I like writing those things. By the way, did you know that I also write poems? Yeah, well, I only write them out of depression. I’m one of those sappy poets.

Anyways, I think I’m getting a bit ahead of myself. I’ll start on the next post.