Rich Teenagers

So I’ve been watching these shows with all these millionaire teenagers. Damn am I jealous. But am I inspired to be like them? Heck no! I realized that most of them were businessmen/women. Goodness, I am not a businesswoman, even if I learn the way of one. I guess I find the way of being in a cube to be extremely boring. I’d rather stay in my cube… I mean room.

It’s no lie that I find myself to be more of an entertainer. And it’s also no lie that I would be a terrible entertainer. Why? Because I have a terrible shyness. I guess one could say that I’m the entertainer when I’m with my friends. I’m quite quiet when I’m with strangers or people I usually don’t talk to. The worst thing that could happen to me is when I do have something to say, but I don’t say it. And later on, it comes back to haunt me. Jeez.



Today, I registered for school and got my schedule. It was all nice until the last period, which was Computer Application.

What? ._.

I had signed up for Psychology and Sociology which would take up my sixth period. How did my friend get Psychology and not me? Did that many people join Psychology? How can that happen? What terrible luck do I have. Well, I put the class change slip inside the box and now I’m hoping for the best. Right now, I don’t care if I can’t join Psychology anymore, I just want to get out of Computer Application. Seriously… I don’t want to learn about computers. I already know what to do on a computer and that’s enough for me. I don’t need any mumbo jumbo stuff. Actually, I don’t even know what Computer Application is. Hah.

Oh, by the way, I couldn’t sleep because of  a very rare case of insomnia. I tried to tire myself out by working out at three in the morning. What a terrible idea because I woke up at seven feeling terribly ill. I stood in line for registration, feeling as if I was about to throw up at any second.

Hah, and I totally missed my expectation. Oh woe is me. I didn’t walk to school due to the fact that I felt like crap.

Anywho, I had signed up for violin once again. I played the violin back in fourth to fifth grade, but I gave up because I didn’t have the motivation to play it. Well, now I’m giving my dedication to this violin and to school as I try as hard as (three as’s lol) I can. Which means less time on the computer during school days. I’m trying to figure out a schedule where I could accept it and not ignore it.

Ah, I got a new violin. Because my old one was for “babies” says the Korean lady at the music store. We got this for $280 plus tax since we paid it by credit card. I totally forgot to ask them for those guide books. I just called it a guide book, wow. I wanted to get a bit used to the violin before I actually restart my lessons. Oh, well. I guessed I’ll just get use to holding it. I checked on how to hold a bow, and gosh did I laugh. But I seriously held it like that. I feel awkward.

My current goal for my violin dedication is to try to play the titanic theme song again. That was one song that I loved playing. I lost the music sheet for it though. Bummer.

Before I finish, what is Computer Application?

The Unamused

School is starting for me on September six. Am I excited? Probably am. Although I know that I’ll be disappointed once more.


Because I love to dream of what is to happen in the future. I know that if I keep on dreaming it, the less it will be a reality. Which is pretty awkward since one would say that if you keep on dreaming it, one day, it will become true. Or was what wishing for things? Well, either way, it wouldn’t come for me. I’ll have to make it a reality, I just can’t sit on my butt all day, waiting for it to happen.

So, I just feel like telling you something that I expect tomorrow. Be surprise, I’ll be disappointed tomorrow. Anywho, this little expectation I have is that I’ll finally meet a girl of the detail I had said in one of my posts. Or a guy, but the detail would be different. Either way, it ain’t gonna happen.

I should stop moping around about that expectation that keeps on rising every time I think about it. Rather, I should talk about something else.

Ah, yes, I haven’t made a post in… weeks. Or a month. I don’t remember. I’ll check later once I actually publish this. The reason why I haven’t made anything was because, of course, I was extremely lazy. Yarharhar. I also had writer’s block. I wrote about two to three posts, but I deleted them due to a simple reason: I didn’t like them. Yep.

I’ve actually read this book that I got from Savers. It was in good condition for a used book (every other book I saw was really digusting), and it included a free bookmark! How nice of them. So this story was called The Grave by James Heneghan. I read the summary of it and thought it sounded interesting. Then I read the little quote on the front of the book and it had said, “Vividly portrays the impact of Ireland’s potato famine.” Hah. I was like… what? Ireland? Huh?

Gave it a try anyway.

Found it to be a really good book. It had the range of pages that fits me best. The writing style was also nice, and then there was the narrator. Gosh, was Tom Mullen epic :3

Every time Hannah says Tom Mullen, I just get that little accent out of her, and it just sounds so goddamn cute! =w=


I’ll write something amazing next time. Because I just wanted to update that I haven’t died… yet.

Those Cereal Commercials

Just a quick post.

I went to Washington State. Or rather, I am in Washington. So I’m actually watching TV in a while and I’ve been seeing those cereal commercials. And you know what? I never liked them.

The Trix and Lucky Charms commercials.

The kids in there are such jerks and assholes. Is this what they’re trying to show kids these days? I feel bad for the rabbit, all he wants is the goddamn cereal and there are tons of them all around the world. Why can’t they share?

Then there are the kids in Lucky Charms. They are bastards I tell you. In that one commercial when the leprechaun went into the vault and they stalk him and got themselves in there. Holy crap they ruined the damn vault in there.

Sometimes I want to get into those commercials and help the rabbit and leprechaun.


The day after. Midnight.

She mentioned about the amusement parks again, well, this time it was a theme park. This time, she actually had a time and place. “How about we go to Sea World on Saturday at nine?”

Saturday. That’s tomorrow. “I don’t know…”

I didn’t exactly have a fond memory of that place. It had water, sure, and turtles. It was a fun place, until somebody pushed me and I ended up smashing my face against the steel benches. I walked around the park with a bandage and a pain that wouldn’t stop. Heh, maybe this time it wouldn’t be so bad. “Err… I guess I’ll go.”

“Ah, that’s good! Because I already brought the tickets.”

“Hey, I thought I told you I would pay for it?”

“Sorry, I kind of got a bit too excited.”

Besides, where did she get all the money from, anyway? Unlike her, I worked for mine. And I still had the time to bother her at her house. Bah, she already paid, next time. We were talking over the phone, and I had a bad habit of hanging up without a single notice. However, Juliette sounded like she had more to speak of, and we spent three hours chatting about nothing. At least to me it was about nothing. Since she did all the speaking.

After flipping my phone closed, I entered the house through the backyard door. If I was to talk, I had to be somewhere not near any relative. It was night and I would bother my relatives if I was to talk. They said that I was loud whenever I spoke. Though it wouldn’t be of a difference if Juliette was the one chattering. Nighttime was cold and refreshing from the daylight. Inside was different, it was warm, and stuffy.

I ought to cook myself a late night snack. And it was supposed to be a grilled cheese. Until I found ham in the refrigerator. Then I felt like adding egg. Now it was just a sandwich dripping in oil. It was a good thing that I only made one or else I would’ve thrown up.

Heading into my bedroom, I jumped up to my bunk bed and fell asleep.