Those Cereal Commercials

Just a quick post.

I went to Washington State. Or rather, I am in Washington. So I’m actually watching TV in a while and I’ve been seeing those cereal commercials. And you know what? I never liked them.

The Trix and Lucky Charms commercials.

The kids in there are such jerks and assholes. Is this what they’re trying to show kids these days? I feel bad for the rabbit, all he wants is the goddamn cereal and there are tons of them all around the world. Why can’t they share?

Then there are the kids in Lucky Charms. They are bastards I tell you. In that one commercial when the leprechaun went into the vault and they stalk him and got themselves in there. Holy crap they ruined the damn vault in there.

Sometimes I want to get into those commercials and help the rabbit and leprechaun.


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