The Unamused

School is starting for me on September six. Am I excited? Probably am. Although I know that I’ll be disappointed once more.


Because I love to dream of what is to happen in the future. I know that if I keep on dreaming it, the less it will be a reality. Which is pretty awkward since one would say that if you keep on dreaming it, one day, it will become true. Or was what wishing for things? Well, either way, it wouldn’t come for me. I’ll have to make it a reality, I just can’t sit on my butt all day, waiting for it to happen.

So, I just feel like telling you something that I expect tomorrow. Be surprise, I’ll be disappointed tomorrow. Anywho, this little expectation I have is that I’ll finally meet a girl of the detail I had said in one of my posts. Or a guy, but the detail would be different. Either way, it ain’t gonna happen.

I should stop moping around about that expectation that keeps on rising every time I think about it. Rather, I should talk about something else.

Ah, yes, I haven’t made a post in… weeks. Or a month. I don’t remember. I’ll check later once I actually publish this. The reason why I haven’t made anything was because, of course, I was extremely lazy. Yarharhar. I also had writer’s block. I wrote about two to three posts, but I deleted them due to a simple reason: I didn’t like them. Yep.

I’ve actually read this book that I got from Savers. It was in good condition for a used book (every other book I saw was really digusting), and it included a free bookmark! How nice of them. So this story was called The Grave by James Heneghan. I read the summary of it and thought it sounded interesting. Then I read the little quote on the front of the book and it had said, “Vividly portrays the impact of Ireland’s potato famine.” Hah. I was like… what? Ireland? Huh?

Gave it a try anyway.

Found it to be a really good book. It had the range of pages that fits me best. The writing style was also nice, and then there was the narrator. Gosh, was Tom Mullen epic :3

Every time Hannah says Tom Mullen, I just get that little accent out of her, and it just sounds so goddamn cute! =w=


I’ll write something amazing next time. Because I just wanted to update that I haven’t died… yet.


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