Rumble Fighters – Prologue


Would you prefer to be alive or dead? It was a stupid question, but I answered it with my honest thoughts: “I prefer to be dead. The world is filled with nothing but conspirator and mindless idiots. How could I continue living as a black sheep? I would powder myself white, but other sheeps will tattle-tell like little kids. They are nothing but traitors. They’d make friends with you and then plunge a dagger right at your spine at your weakest moment. So, like I said, I’d prefer to be dead. Does that answer your question?”

Speechless, the fortune teller flipped the next tarot card. I sighed, a bit happy by the fact that I was able to blow off some steam. However, it was still infuriating the fact that I was forced here. Was the place so bad at business that they had to push an innocent passerby into their store? I supposed so. She was pretty bad at predicting people’s reaction. Even asking such a stupid question at that.

“It seems that your bleak future is heading for the worse…”

No shit, lady. Do you have any other bullshit to say? Jeez. How the hell do girls believe in this stuff? They say the most obvious things.

“This event will set off an inescapable destiny.”

Sweat slid down from my forehead and dripped from my chin. I blew out a quiet, slow breath just in case I ended up breathing onto her face. They could at least afford an air conditioner in this tiny room. Seriously, it had enough space for a mini table and two chairs. I felt so cramped up in here. I would be freaking out at this point if I had claustrophobia. Luckily, I didn’t. The room was covered with dingy window shades and it made this place extremely dark. There was a red table cover on the… obviously the table. Sitting on top was a crystal ball that was the only thing illuminating some kind of light. It was fascinating and hypnotizing to stare into the crystal ball.

The lady was wearing a violaceous robe that covered her from head to toe. She was always gazing at the cards, I guessed it was another way to avoid me seeing her face.

“Oh, really? Do you know when?” I asked sarcastically.

“Within six weeks, five days, seventeen hours, eleven—”

“That’s way too specific!” I shouted. “Ahem… sorry.”

Even if I didn’t believe in the art of scamming, I got to have manner. It would be rude to speak my mind freely. After all, humans were fragile creatures. Anyway, I sped up the process, not wanting to spend five hours in that place. Heh, you know how the lady says within six weeks? Well, it’s been six months and nothing’s changed. How inconvenient. I thought I at least would’ve had a good story to tell.


Returned From Vegas

So I went to Las Vegas for three days, from 7/8/13 – 7/10/13. Overall, I’d say it was an okay experience. I don’t really like the place since, obviously, I’m underage and I can’t exactly do anything. I wanted to watch that show with Claire Sinclair, but I’m underage. Oh, goddamn it. I wanted to watch that show. I mean, you probably would too if you saw the poster. It’s also an (I supposed) acrobatic show from what I saw from the trailer.

We didn’t really go watch any shows rather than the one I’ve seen two times already. They were free. Las Vegas was hot, up to the maximum of 110 degrees. There was also a forest fire so the cloud was really black. Got a nice picture of it though. One good thing I’ve accomplished was that I’ve got all the songs in Project Diva 2nd. That’s a fun game. So yeah, I didn’t really go anywhere but in my room. I went swimming and experienced a hot tub, which was hot. My uncles just stayed in the room and drank beer while my aunts went down to the casino to play.

One thing I really wanted to do at this place was to go to a steakhouse. We did not go there. I am sad. I did enjoy the hotel rooms. I always like hotel rooms. They are too nice.

My favorite thing is when my aunts talk about winning and losing money. Most people come to casino aiming to win big, and that’s probably one reason why they always lose. My aunts are happy enough by the fact that they spent $20 and gained $300. I have to agree with them. I’m not playing the game to pay my bills (hah, I can’t play, I’m not even 21).

I was a tad mad by the law about how kids shouldn’t be near the slot machines and tables in the casino. My favorite thing is when a security guard said, “This is not an appropriate place for a kid.” — Okay, then don’t make the casino the first floor of the hotel. If you don’t want kids to be here, then make the casino a separate place and forbid kids from entering. My mom explained that they were afraid that kids might tell their parents the cards of their opponents. I reply with, “Adults can do the same thing, so why be scared of kids?”

Las Vegas is a bad place to bring your kids here to the first place. There’s a whole lotta ass n’ titties (lol) all around the place and shows that kids can’t watch. There were shows that I could’ve seen, but my family didn’t go. They just played in the casino for the entire days.

That law about children still bothers me. I supposed I can’t watch them play because it’ll… influence me… to do bad things? Or maybe they just don’t want an audience of kids yapping about how to play (in which case, refer back to the whole separate casino and hotel) I don’t know. Anybody know the reason? I just don’t get it.