Fuck Astor [Dexter]

Okay, first of all, I know that she is only… what? Thirteen years old? Somewhere around there. Second of all, I live in a neighborhood where it’s full of Hispanics. I go to a school where the majority are Asians and Hispanics. There are some Caucasians here and there, but they’re really influenced by the people around them so they don’t exactly act like people in the movies.

So let me start. Also, spoilers, maybe?

First season. Astor was a character that I enjoyed very much. She was, almost what I can say, a child-like character. Cody was certainly one (considering that he was young, he doesn’t know about his abusive father). Astor, on the other hand, remembers the abuse. The next thing I find a bit faulty is when she suddenly had a change with her dad. It was a bit quick. Maybe it’s because she’s a kid and she’s easily persuaded? Either that, or she’s in denial. If it’s the latter, I’d understand because I’m in denial myself. Rather than that, I didn’t have much of a problem with Astor.

Second season. I really like the fact that she was trying to maintain her relationship with Dexter. It was okay. Didn’t really focus much on her this season. Or at least from what I remember. She was okay.

Third season. Eh.

Fourth season. Suddenly, the shit hits the fan. Astor goes on an asshole puberty change. What the fuck? Seriously? I rarely (or maybe even never) see these type of girls before so whenever I see them being portrayed like that on TV/movies, I get extremely frustrated. What is wrong with these white girls? Maybe because they hang out with other white girls. I don’t know. Or maybe because she lives in Miami. I will never know (until I travel east). I sometimes feel like people try to portrait teenagers as rebellious. In which case, I’m not rebellious (because I lived a sheltered life) so I get mad whenever people say shit to their parents. Um… excuse me? They’re the only putting a roof over your head stupid. This is why you should never ever make me a parent of a spoiled brat. I will immediately kick them out of the house. I won’t take their bullshit. They can go ahead and ruin their lives. I feel rather sadistic about this. Maybe I should be more humanistic (via psychology).

She comes to an agreement with Dexter somewhere in the middle of season four. I was like, “Okay. Cool.” Then she goes back to being rude again. What happened to your little agreement? She even goes to say, “Why do you hate me, Dexter?” Excuse me? What the fuck are you talking about? I have indeed lashed out at my parents at time, but mostly because I’m hot-headed and also they were getting angry at me. I do have to say that I’d prefer if teenagers shut up and understand their place. They really do need to understand that their parents are the one who are sheltering them (unless they’re abusive, then scratch everything I said). What is wrong with this child?

Fifth season. I wanted to punch her at this point. I’m not good with brats, as you can see from my text. Maybe it’s okay(?) to act irrational after somebody’s death. What am I thinking? Astor’s reason to be irrational was… irrational. She blames Dexter for this and wished that it was him who died. When, may I ask, did you ever think of that? You liked Dexter in season 1 and 2. When did you ever thought that he was the reason? When did you ever thought about how your family was fine without a dad. I really have to blame the writers for this.

Can I get an age range of Astor when she came back to her mom’s house drunk? I feel like I’m watching Thirteen all over again. That was a terrible movie. I’ll talk about that in the future. I should take a trip to Florida when I have the chance. See how it is over there.

How can Astor turn from such a lovable character (to me) to one of the most hated character (to me) of all times?

Maybe it’s just because I hate (white) teenage girls in movies/shows. Maybe it’s also because I hate teenagers disrespecting their parents. I don’t know.


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