What the Hell, Aeria Games? [Aura Kingdom Founder’s Beta]


Aura Kingdom is going through the Founder’s Beta within 13 days. Before today, which is the day where they reveal the prices for the Founder’s Pack, me and a couple of friends were joking about it. I sarcastically said, “It’s probably going to be around 30 bucks.” That is expensive enough for me.

Then today… the prices are released.

Screenshot_2I don’t even know anymore. Seriously Aeria Games? Are you that greedy right now? Why would people spend $300 on a Founder’s Beta that only expand over 2 weeks (or more)? There are people who are that dumb, aren’t there? Yes, there is. A person bought this Diamond Pack… I am not kidding. Why? Just why?

I have a problem with this. The first thing is the fact that they saying that it’s “on sale” so for the people who look at it, they think it’s a good deal. Oh, yeah, it used to be $550 but now it’s $300. I save $250 if I buy it now. Hopefully nobody thinks that because this is just the first day. It’s like you going on a 45% sale on everything on the first day of your business. You’ll end up destroying your business like that. This is just a cheap way for encouraging people to buy the damn thing (especially when they have a little price tag that says, “BEST DEAL”)

The second is the fact that all of the items are useless. It’s like you’re buying a doll house for your daughter and she plays with it for one day. You just wasted $55. This is (almost) the exact same situation.

Saving your name? Wow! I don’t need it. My name is unique enough that nobody would steal it (unless they’re jerks). Even if it’s taken, I have a whole bunch of names in the bank to pull out. People who’ve played MMORPG long enough should already have a whole name bank. They don’t need this whole “saving your name” thing. Loyalty points… I don’t know about that. The Capsule of Goodies is also useless. A Founder’s Hat? No. Legendary Accessories? They better be really good and not some bullshit +5 thing. In game Founder Title? I don’t care about that! If you really want to feel special, maybe. A monthly costume membership? I don’t know what that is, but I don’t care about costumes. Membership means you’re not getting this forever so no thanks.

A Kero pet is practically useless because it’s probably not going to help you in battle. I could go on.

Screenshot_4The only thing I see fit is the mount (faster travel) and the panther who will actually fight with you. But I’m not spending $300 on that. If I was going to buy something to get into the Founder’s Beta, I’d get the Supply Pack. At least they got upgrade scrolls and such. It’s a bit more valuable than the Gold Pack in my opinion.

You can still be in Founder’s Beta. Yup. If you really, really want to be in the beta.






Anyways, I did a bit of math and here is what I came up with.


I’ll end it with this:


My First Impression on Walkure Romanze

54969lBefore I actually start: PFFT WTF? HAHAHAHA.

Not saying that it’s a bad anime, but it’s just not that original.

Let me start off by saying this. They should get a new idea and here is my proposal: The MC should be about the horse that attacked Mio (I literally thought that Sakura was the MC because I was so convinced by it). The horse will help the heroine through the tournament. The harem should revolve around the horse and how the girls want to ride Sakura (it’s a girl, yes) for the tournament. Bam, best fucking anime ever made. It would be much more interesting than what they have right now.

On to another point, I don’t like the fact that it’s a harem. It’s not my favorite thing, but I endure it because anime is male-dominated and guys have dreams of having a lot of sexy women loving them. And possibly having an orgy with them. Anyways, I’m not a big fan of harem due to the fact that it brings out a lot of underhanded jokes, situations, and “fanservice.” I can’t really call it fanservice anymore because they literally shove it down your throat at this point (not Walkure Romanze, but other anime). I love boobs as much as the next person, but sometimes I get tired of seeing them every five minutes. Back to where I was, I’m cool with harem if the MC keeps focus of only one girl. I am fine with that. By the way, the other thing about why I don’t like harems is mostly because I usually like the other girls more than the heroine. It makes me sad to see them all alone.

I do like the fact that it’s about jousting, very nice. I can’t remember any jousting anime I’ve watched.

Then there’s the cliche characters that makes me want to puke rainbows. Who started this template? Seriously? I’m sick and tired of curly blonde hair girls with big tits who are the top of their class and beloved by all. I’m sick and tired of curly blonde hair bitches who bitch about everything and thing they’re on top of the world and have giant tits. I’m tired of pink hair ditzy main characters who obviously has a crush on the guy. I’m tired of all of that, give me something new. Give me something original.

Scratching all of the cliche female characters, let’s talk about the male character. He is those douchebag characters who don’t care about anything anymore. Sometimes those characters can be very funny, but with him, he’s just a jerk. It’s not like he wants to be one, he’s just so sad. Oh, boohoo, you injured yourself and now you can’t joust anymore. I know it’s something I shouldn’t be mad about, but he seriously needs to move on. Not once did he smile in the episode (only in a flashback). He’s so mopey. Then there’s the part about how he became a bel-whatever, but he doesn’t have a slight clue on who he wants to be with. Meeer! Make up your mind. Go with the blonde chick (because she needs some loving). The one thing I like about him is that at least he’s not a total beginner.

Okay, another thing, why is Mio (the pink hair girl) in this school anyway? She said to the MC about why he was still in the school if he wasn’t jousting anymore. So is she a bel-whatever it’s called? Or does she just freeload? It’s obvious that she’s going to become a knight, but what the hell is she doing? I supposed the school is somewhat for normal people too.

So all in all, this anime would’ve been a lot more interesting with my idea. At least I would watch it.

I’m Tired of Following Templates

From the title, yes, I am very tired from following templates. What templates? you might ask. Well, here is the answer: The steps my older siblings have taken.

Being the youngest of three, my parents expect me to follow the same thing my siblings have done. Most importantly, my sister. It frustrates me to no end because they must compare me to my sister when we have nothing in common whatsoever. So she’s outgoing, I’m not. She’s athletic, I’m not. Get over it, please. I’m my own person. I hate living in my sister’s shadow.

My sister is currently attending Cal State Fullerton, and I was thinking about taking the college too. However, I am afraid that my parents will think that I’m going to be following her footstep. I have sent an application to them anyway. The school that I want to be go to at the current moment has to be Cal State Monterey Bay. It’s far away from my family, but not that far where I can’t go back. The place is cheaper if I stay in dorms. The other reason is to escape my parent’s pressure of wanting me to drive.

I will not learn how to drive a car because A: I don’t have the attention span to keep attention to the road; B: I don’t have the calm temper to be driving; C: I don’t want to give people rides; D: Even I wouldn’t trust myself driving. The best transportation I want is a motorcycle. At least then I wouldn’t hurt as much people if I do crash, only myself.

Also, I took the class for getting a license, and I attempted to do the test but failed because the questions don’t make sense to me. I mean, seriously, do you even use half of this knowledge on the road? How many people do you see cutting you on the road, tailgating you, and even honking at you because a second passed when it’s the green light? How did they pass the test? What the hell?

So all in all, I want to drive a motorcycle. Yeah, that’s the moral of this post.

Respect, ya Gotta Earn it

Coming from an Asian family, I understand what respect is and that I should respect my elders. Although through the years, I kind of turned a bit on the rules made for me and created my own. I would respect my elders, but unless they disrespect me, why the hell should I? I don’t see the point of showing them respect if they don’t for me. Maybe I got to earn it. Then again, they haven’t earn my respect. This is something of a big deal for me, you see.

Well, before I get into this, I got to tell a little story about today. I went to church (great starter, I know) and when it was time for the bread line (I call it that instead of the Eucharist), I saw this boy who went to grab the walker beside some statues. He was getting it for his grandma, who appeared to be unable to walk five steps without it. After that, he walked in front of her to make sure that nobody was going to get in her way. That warms my heart. I like it when I see little kids helping out their grandparents. It’s just something that lightens up my mood. That mood was utterly ruined when two girls walked passed her and cut her in line. They were lucky we were at church, else I’d punch them in their faces. Anyways, the funny part was towards the end. The little boy thought that his grandma already went out (which she couldn’t) so he hurried to the outside. His grandma then was confused about where her walker is. I was all like, “Noo! Little boy, come back!” in my head. Hopefully they reunited.

Back to where I was.

I hate teen movies. Mostly because the only ones I’ve seen involved a teenager disrespecting their parents. Obviously they don’t understand that their parents are the one that puts a roof under their head, feed them, and do all sorts of other things. The thing I’m talking to only refer to the parents that are actually trying to cooperate with their children. If your parents doesn’t respect you, you shouldn’t have the need to respect them. I’m all about being nice to my elders, but only when they’re being nice to me. So if your mom is a druggie and she yells at you to get her a beer, go ahead and punch her in the face and say, “No!” but be careful. She might smash another bottle on you and that one might cut your pretty face. And also they might throw you outside. So be careful.

Anyways, back to the parents who are respecting their children but their children is not giving the same attitude back. Are they stupid or something? Wait, they are. “You just don’t understand me!” – says the person who won’t let people get to know them. Seriously?

I’m going to go away from that topic and let’s get back to church. So I’m in confirmation class (even though I don’t want to be). Catholics have way too many rites I have to go through. And they cost money? What? Hell no! But my parents already paid so I might as well attend. I was in the first year last year and we had a retreat. It wasn’t much of a retreat since the place we went to was the gym of the school. They practically trapped us there by two reasons: One, our parents would be mad; two, they got our phones. It was eight hours long. I thought, “If I can’t escape, I might as well have fun.” And I did. It was a pretty fun time, I supposed. I met people whom I’ll never meet again, which is always fun. Unless you’re from the same school, then you just awkwardly say hi to each other.

During retreat, we had a total of three speakers. You know, people who come in to talk about stuff. The first one was nice because it was about bullying and such. The second was the one that went downhill and was just utterly stupid. This had to do with gender roles and I never liked this topic. I can’t remember what she was speaking about because I didn’t care, but this one phrase she uttered that is now in my mind forever. She said, “It’s a man’s job to respect women, and it’s a woman’s job to expect the respect.” – … what?

Taking this literally: If it’s a man’s job to respect women, they wouldn’t need to have all these other jobs like a doctor or engineer. Why would the woman just sit there and expect the respect? Why? How about you go out there and earn it? Also, if it’s a man’s job, is he supposed to go ahead and respect the crackwhores or the really bitchy girls? If the woman is just expecting the respect, does that mean she doesn’t have to respect men? I think respect is something you earn, not expect. You got to earn their respect as much as them having to earn your respect. How is this woman–the speaker–attending a university? I don’t understand. She was lucky this was in church ground, else I’d punch her in the face.

Hey, even if I’m not a religious person and I prefer not going to church, at least I respect the rules of being in church.

Also, I’m getting a vlog of this out later.


I went to a buddy’s house today for her birthday. Throughout the entire day, I suffered from teary, itchy eyes, sneezes, and little itchy bumps on my jaw line. My buddy has two cats. So I found out that I’m allergic to cats ._.

But I love cats. Oh, well, I supposed I can’t adopt them when I have the chance anymore. I’ll just watch them from afar.

Returned From Vegas

So I went to Las Vegas for three days, from 7/8/13 – 7/10/13. Overall, I’d say it was an okay experience. I don’t really like the place since, obviously, I’m underage and I can’t exactly do anything. I wanted to watch that show with Claire Sinclair, but I’m underage. Oh, goddamn it. I wanted to watch that show. I mean, you probably would too if you saw the poster. It’s also an (I supposed) acrobatic show from what I saw from the trailer.

We didn’t really go watch any shows rather than the one I’ve seen two times already. They were free. Las Vegas was hot, up to the maximum of 110 degrees. There was also a forest fire so the cloud was really black. Got a nice picture of it though. One good thing I’ve accomplished was that I’ve got all the songs in Project Diva 2nd. That’s a fun game. So yeah, I didn’t really go anywhere but in my room. I went swimming and experienced a hot tub, which was hot. My uncles just stayed in the room and drank beer while my aunts went down to the casino to play.

One thing I really wanted to do at this place was to go to a steakhouse. We did not go there. I am sad. I did enjoy the hotel rooms. I always like hotel rooms. They are too nice.

My favorite thing is when my aunts talk about winning and losing money. Most people come to casino aiming to win big, and that’s probably one reason why they always lose. My aunts are happy enough by the fact that they spent $20 and gained $300. I have to agree with them. I’m not playing the game to pay my bills (hah, I can’t play, I’m not even 21).

I was a tad mad by the law about how kids shouldn’t be near the slot machines and tables in the casino. My favorite thing is when a security guard said, “This is not an appropriate place for a kid.” — Okay, then don’t make the casino the first floor of the hotel. If you don’t want kids to be here, then make the casino a separate place and forbid kids from entering. My mom explained that they were afraid that kids might tell their parents the cards of their opponents. I reply with, “Adults can do the same thing, so why be scared of kids?”

Las Vegas is a bad place to bring your kids here to the first place. There’s a whole lotta ass n’ titties (lol) all around the place and shows that kids can’t watch. There were shows that I could’ve seen, but my family didn’t go. They just played in the casino for the entire days.

That law about children still bothers me. I supposed I can’t watch them play because it’ll… influence me… to do bad things? Or maybe they just don’t want an audience of kids yapping about how to play (in which case, refer back to the whole separate casino and hotel) I don’t know. Anybody know the reason? I just don’t get it.