In Peril

On March 31st, a great incident has occurred. A third of the population has mysteriously disappeared. Not knowing of the situation, and not caring, the countries that have their numbers depleted are in peril to the invasions. It is an advantage the Middle East and Asia aren’t going to miss out on.


While Europe is in a war with what they have left, America is also having a war of their own. The Indians have risen to take back their land now that most of the white men are gone. One problem with that, Mexico is also planning on taking back their land. America is weary from the fear of an invasion from China or North Korea while trying to fend off the Native Americans and Mexican. The continuation of gang wars has only made it worst.


Enter Jody and his two friends, Amelia and Edward. They are a trio traveling from cities to cities in California, controlled by the Temria. They have no means of fighting against the ruling gang, only to survive. Although it may change after they meet up with the oppressed civilians.


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