Chapter 1-3

Back at their hideout, Jody made the announcement, “We’re getting out of here.”

Amelia agreed wholeheartedly. “I am kind of draining this city of its resources.”

Edward gave his consent, but for a different reason. “The Indians are probably going to attack this city sooner or later. They’re already this close to the city.”

“Unless the Temrias from the city went to Cutler Park to deal with them,” Amelia said.

“That’s not possible, if they had the order to go to Cutler Park, we would’ve encountered them on our way back here.”

She tilted her head, squinting as she wondered, “Did they leave the city, then? Are they just leaving the people in this city to be taken over by the Native Americans?”

“Why would they?” Jody replied.

“Perhaps the Temrias doesn’t want any more casualty.”

“You may be right, Edward. I didn’t see a single dead Indian at the park, or at least at the side of where we were.”

“Besides,” Amelia said, “the Temria would set up guards around this city.”

“By the way, Jody, where did you want to go exactly?”

Jody exhaled a long breath, noticing of the flaw in his plan to move east. That was where the Indians were. He didn’t want to climb the mountains again, definitely not. “Bakersfield.”

“Bakersfield? Jody, we’re not going to have enough supplies to get there. We’ll have to stop from cities to cities, and most of them are occupied by the Temria.”

“That’s why we’re going to get a car. There are cars everywhere, and they’re not being used, nobody needs them anymore. There is still fuel, although they’re expensive. Edward, you still know how to hijack a car, right?”

“I hadn’t done it in a long time.” He shrugged. “I can try.”

“I’ll see if I can get fuel.”

“Thank Amelia.”

The plans were settled, and they all had a job. Edward and Jody would find a car that hadn’t been broken down yet, which would be difficult considering that most people used cars for shelter. Amelia would find the gas. Before they started working, Edward put down his backpack, and opened it. Inside were three firearms and a bunch of clips and ammunitions.

“Look at what I’ve got. They were packed.”

“This doesn’t help the current situation,” Jody spoke. “The Indians have probably and successfully raided the base, now they have all the weapons they need to attack Visalia.”

“Then we better hurry.”

“We’re moving again?” Edward groaned. Can’t I take a break?”

“You two can rest, I still have the energy.”


They watched Amelia left the hideout, before sitting on the ground. With a sigh from both of them, Edward stated, “Jody, while we’re still here, I have something to tell you. It’s about Amelia.”

“What about her?”

“Last week, I overheard her talking to somebody. I think the person’s name is Kirsten.”

“What was she talking about?”

“Something about how she’s not going to be here forever.”

He stared at Jody, questioning, “You’re still suspicious about her?”

“Don’t get me wrong, she’s a great friend we’ve had over the past months. I haven’t even thought about this until last week. Her mood is too placid in a situation like this. Even at the time when we met her, she was the calmest person we’ve seen.”

“Are you really doubting her, again? How many times has she saved you?”

“Do you really trust her that much?”

“Not exactly, but I know she’s not planning on harming us.”

“That’s true.”

Jody paused, a grin appearing and widening. “Are you afraid that she might leave you?”

“What? No!” he growled. “What makes you think that?”

“Yeah… I remember you talking about her. I think it was something about—”

“I’m feeling a lot better now. Let’s go.”

He chuckled, nodding. “Okay.”



Stepping outside, both of their communicators hummed with the sound of Amelia as she said, “It may take a while for me to get the fuel. These people are guarding it with their life, and I don’t have the money. I mean, unless you want to come here and help me.”

“Hold on,” replied Jody, “we’ll get to you when we find a car.”

“I’ll just go hang out somewhere until you’re done with your job.”

Releasing his thumb from the button, Edward whispered, “See what I tell you? She’s too placid.”

“You should be used to this by now. At least she’s not complaining.”

“This is a lot better than having somebody in the group crying about everything.”

Since the invasion of the Temrias, all of the car’s windows were broken. It was a lot easier for them to get inside. The only problem was that most of the cars were inside of the city, where everybody was out at the moment. They wouldn’t exactly let them hijack the cars. Edward didn’t understand why. Jody answered to that by saying they were using it as shelter. Some of these cars were people’s home. They should be careful with which car they picked.

Coming back to the street where Jody was earlier, where the bank resided. The alarms had died down, and they examined each one of them. A civilian used the ones with items inside. Some of them had people sleeping inside. Searching for the latest model of cars was out of the option. Those were already taken. Edward was on the lookout for a moderate, unoccupied automobile.

“Why do these people have to use cars? There are buildings everywhere!” Edward complained.

“The newest models are able to keep the car warm no matter the temperature outside,” Jody said. “Haven’t you heard about that?”

“I’m not crazy for cars.”

“I’m not either. I don’t even have those types of cars, but have you been in one?”

“I ride a motorcycle, which you completely trashed.”

Jody ignored that last comment. “You see that one right there?”

A bright red truck rested aside a collapsed building. The sign was under the rubbles, so he didn’t know what it used to be. The windows were cracked, but not fully broken. It appeared to be usable, if it wasn’t occupied yet. Coming closer to the truck, Edward’s fingers slightly touched the car before somebody shouted, “What’re you doing?”

They looked at the person yelling, seeing that he held a shotgun. “That’s mine!”

There were people around, understanding the situation and fleeing indoors. Jody watched them, gulping. They were in a pretty bad situation right now. “I didn’t know that, I’m sorry,” he apologized.

“Somebody tried the same thing last month. Nearly took my head off.” He obviously wasn’t listening.

“We didn’t know it was taken.”

“Edward!” Jody hissed, jabbing his side.

“You are trying to take my truck!”

With a single pump, the man did not hesitate to pull the trigger. The two boys scurried behind the truck for protection. Jody saw the people peeking out of their windows on the current situation as if it was for their entertainment. Though that wasn’t true, they had fear in their eyes. This man was not to be messed with.

Edward sighed, muttering, “I don’t know which one is worse. Hiding in a grimy place away from the Indians, or behind a truck away from a maniac.”


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