My First Impression on Walkure Romanze

54969lBefore I actually start: PFFT WTF? HAHAHAHA.

Not saying that it’s a bad anime, but it’s just not that original.

Let me start off by saying this. They should get a new idea and here is my proposal: The MC should be about the horse that attacked Mio (I literally thought that Sakura was the MC because I was so convinced by it). The horse will help the heroine through the tournament. The harem should revolve around the horse and how the girls want to ride Sakura (it’s a girl, yes) for the tournament. Bam, best fucking anime ever made. It would be much more interesting than what they have right now.

On to another point, I don’t like the fact that it’s a harem. It’s not my favorite thing, but I endure it because anime is male-dominated and guys have dreams of having a lot of sexy women loving them. And possibly having an orgy with them. Anyways, I’m not a big fan of harem due to the fact that it brings out a lot of underhanded jokes, situations, and “fanservice.” I can’t really call it fanservice anymore because they literally shove it down your throat at this point (not Walkure Romanze, but other anime). I love boobs as much as the next person, but sometimes I get tired of seeing them every five minutes. Back to where I was, I’m cool with harem if the MC keeps focus of only one girl. I am fine with that. By the way, the other thing about why I don’t like harems is mostly because I usually like the other girls more than the heroine. It makes me sad to see them all alone.

I do like the fact that it’s about jousting, very nice. I can’t remember any jousting anime I’ve watched.

Then there’s the cliche characters that makes me want to puke rainbows. Who started this template? Seriously? I’m sick and tired of curly blonde hair girls with big tits who are the top of their class and beloved by all. I’m sick and tired of curly blonde hair bitches who bitch about everything and thing they’re on top of the world and have giant tits. I’m tired of pink hair ditzy main characters who obviously has a crush on the guy. I’m tired of all of that, give me something new. Give me something original.

Scratching all of the cliche female characters, let’s talk about the male character. He is those douchebag characters who don’t care about anything anymore. Sometimes those characters can be very funny, but with him, he’s just a jerk. It’s not like he wants to be one, he’s just so sad. Oh, boohoo, you injured yourself and now you can’t joust anymore. I know it’s something I shouldn’t be mad about, but he seriously needs to move on. Not once did he smile in the episode (only in a flashback). He’s so mopey. Then there’s the part about how he became a bel-whatever, but he doesn’t have a slight clue on who he wants to be with. Meeer! Make up your mind. Go with the blonde chick (because she needs some loving). The one thing I like about him is that at least he’s not a total beginner.

Okay, another thing, why is Mio (the pink hair girl) in this school anyway? She said to the MC about why he was still in the school if he wasn’t jousting anymore. So is she a bel-whatever it’s called? Or does she just freeload? It’s obvious that she’s going to become a knight, but what the hell is she doing? I supposed the school is somewhat for normal people too.

So all in all, this anime would’ve been a lot more interesting with my idea. At least I would watch it.


Rozen Maiden (2013)


… Wait, what? A Rozen Maiden anime is coming out for Summer 2013? I’m sorry, one second.

*goes to another room*



Ahem. Well, ain’t that nice? I’m quite excited for one of my favorite anime to return to the… I can’t exactly say big screen, but to my computer screen. Oh, you know what that means with Rozen Maiden’s return? The desu is back! Huzzah!

Attack on Titan


Wow, the manga is amazing. I loved reading this, the concept was really interesting. I love how the titans just eat humans like they’re beef jerky. It’s just so bloody, it’s awesome! So then I watched the anime with my brother. It followed the manga quite closely so that’s good (although I wouldn’t know how they could alternate it in some way). One thing that’s just a complaint is the fact that they just love to monologue like crazy.

Monologues can be good sometimes, but in this action anime, it’s a tad boring. I mean, you’re going from all these epic action with the devices and jumping around like ninjas, then suddenly you’re stuck here for five minutes listening to a character rambling. It adds into the character development, I know, but it’s just so boring!

I finished episode 11 and I’m waiting for new episodes (unless 12 already came out and I’m just too slow) to come.

Oh, the Irony

I just love it when they make a gay romance story and the setting takes place in a Catholic/Christian school. The irony is hilarious!

So I’m watching a yuri anime in the name of Maria Watches Over Us. Pretty fun right now. The animation is (A LOT BETTER THAN STRAWBERRY PANIC!) good, though the characters look rather tall for girls. Oh, well. If they feel the need to be like xxxHolic, be my guest.

Also, EMERGERD IT’S A COMPLETE STRAWBERRY PANIC RIPOFF! Lol. The elements are somewhat the same, but I can see the diversity they’re coming off right now. I‘m liking the anime, just as long as the characters don’t become any more idiotic. There’s like… four seasons, so that’s good for me. The only problem is that no anime website (that I know) upload this anime. Ugh…

Only youtube is my source, and it’s in English sub (thank goodness!).

I’m currently on the second episode. I hope there is no competition involving horses. Or else I’d LOL’D.

There is a character who looks like Hiraki by the way. Kind of pisses me off, but she’s not stupid. So that’s good… very good…

My Top 5 Anime

I decided to do a top 5 anime list for no exact reason. So, here I go.

The way I decide my top 5 is through the concept of the anime, is it memorable, and does it give me feelings? Yes, I know, feelings. The last is its rewatchability.

5. Rosario + Vampire

No, no, I don’t mean that crappy anime version. Now, you might be mad and say that it’s decent, but to me, it was crap. The plot wasn’t moving… well, it was moving at a snail’s pace. The second season was worse since it decided to go off on its own story. What I hate the most is that they made this one episode focusing on Mizore, and what they came up with was her making curry and fighting curry monsters? What in the shit?

Anyway, the story of Rosario + Vampire is about a boy named Tsukune who failed his exam to go to high school. One day, his dad found a packet or so about this high school that lets people in for free without any test or anything. Tsukune takes that for granted and enroll to the high school. Unfortunately, that high school was a place for monsters. What was memorable of this anime was the fact that Tsukune was the guy who was a total wimp at the start and he becomes a complete badass as we go along the manga. He… SPOILERS! He becomes a ghoul later on and that’s what gives him this amazing power and such. Basically, he was a vampire’s bitch. And that vampire was Moka.

One thing I didn’t like from this series was the fact that it counted as a harem. Although it focuses on the relationship between Moka and Tsukune, there are four other girls who wants his delicious body. Out of all of them, my favorite character has to be Mizore. She is a yukionna and her stalkish and obsessive personality just makes me smile and giggle whenever I see her. I even have a wallpaper of her, and it’s amazing.

My all time favorite part was when they went to visit Mizore’s parents, and then my next all time favorite part is the epic kissing scene between Mizore and Kurumu (the other main character). Oh, the fangirl within me is screaming. One thing I like from the other character is Yukari, who is a 11/12 year old witch who not only wants Tsukune’s delicious body, but she also wants to have a three-way with them.

The rereadability, because the anime I’d rather not watch again, is good. I’m able to reread it, and in fact, I think I’ll start rereading this manga. I’m sorry, I’m just not a fan of the anime.

4. Clannad

Now, this may be surprising to some people. Why isn’t Clannad number one on your list? Well, I don’t know really. This has to be one of the best anime I‘ve ever watch. The relationship was so realistic! And yes, I say relationship, I never said anything about the anime being realistic. Because… I don’t know how natural purple hair and eyes, and blue hair are realistic. You can say that they’ve dyed their hair, but I think those are natural in the anime world. Besides, there’s a giant pig.

The anime was the one that made me feel feelings. Yes, I know! FEELINGS! I cried like there was no tomorrow, and I laughed ’till my cheekbones started to ache. This anime just had it all. I love KEY and what they do. And they are so sneaky. The first season was just setting up the characters and they made you laugh a lot with a few ‘aww‘ from the relationship growing between Tomoya and Nagisa. Then the second season hits and then BAM! They throw all these chopped onions at your face! AND IT BURNS!

My favorite scene had to be with Tomoya as he remembers the good time with his father. That one got to me. Not the part where his wife died, not the part where his daughter died too, but the part where he remembers his dad and starts crying. That was also the scene where he finally bond with his daughter, and I thought that was heartwarming. It wasn’t really much of a hurtful cry when I… cried, so I guess that was why it was my favorite scene. The other two scenes I mentioned hurt my brain.

Clannad gave me a favorite character and that was Tomoyo. A lot of people like Tomoyo, in fact, so many people like her that they made a spin-off game with her! Even a manga! And I cried with that short little manga too. Oh, you, KEY! Making people cry like little girls. Every tear that people shed, KEY gains at least a dollar or two. Tomoyo was a delinquent in middle school but she’s trying to make up for that by becoming the student council president. She has an amazing kicking ability (lol), and… she kicks ass 😛 Her personality is so nonchalant and violent that it makes me giggle. I love her design and I support the Tomoyo and Tomoya couple. My goodness, I swear, they did it on purpose. It’s just so funny! His name is Tomoya and her’s is Tomoyo. What the hell, man?

The art is fantastic by the way.

It’s fun to watch this anime again, and I recommend you playing the game whether you get it legally or illegally. The comedy bits of this anime never get old. And the dramatic scenes aren’t like Titanic where you cry a few times until you realize that the main female character was being a total fat-ass and she wouldn’t move over to let Leonardo on that giant door. I feel sorry for his death.

3. Code Geass

This anime also made me feel feelings! Just not the usual sad part, but more like frustration. And then sadness. I felt bad for Lelouch and all the things that he went through. I hated Suzaku for being such a total ass. Sure… Lelouch killed his potential lover, but hey, who was the dude who offered his friend to the king in order to go up the rank? Suzaku 😛 besides, it was hard for Lelouch to kill Euphemia in the first place too. For goodness sake, he was her sister! Or somewhere along that line. And his power was going out of control! D: I hate you Suzaku! You make me feel evil feelings >:L

The concept of this anime is basically the world is taken over by some kind of country or alien (in this anime, Britain, hurrah!) and then there are the rebels. I always like these type of anime. I just love rebels :3

The art is really nice and I was watching it again… uncensored, in which I didn’t know until I saw all them nipples. And also Suzaku’s ass because his suit is so frickin’ tight. My goodness I cannot express my hate for Suzaku! I just don’t like him, but I like his concept with Lelouch. They are childhood friends, and they have a different perspective on how to make the world a better place. Suzaku thinks that he can go up by rank and become the Knight of One. The Knight of One gets a piece of Japan (but they’re called Elevens) and he wants that in order to make his fellow Japanese have a better place to live in. I find that stupid anime-wise. Lelouch, on the other hand, finds that he has to make the world better for Nunally through a rebellion. Anime-wise, now that’s a good idea. Suzaku, stop being such a douchebag and a goody-goody. No, you’re not even a goody-goody, you killed your father for christ’s sake! You offered your friend in order to go up a rank! You got his memory erase! You took away his frickin‘ sister! You replaced her with a spy, you got everybody else’s memories to be erased, you got a giant group made in the school to spy on Lelouch’s activity. Kind of a bit overboard don’t you think?

I mean… what did Lelouch ever do to you? Rather than kill your potential love interest. Bitch, please! Lelouch has gone through more shit than you do. Compared to him, you were living in the lap of luxury as the Knight of Twelve… I think it was the Knight of Twelve or so. Let me see, with all the shit that he has gone through because of Suzaku, he had to kill his own sister (or sibling of some sort), he witnessed Shirley dying, his entire army turned against him, his fake brother died for his sake, and he even went down to kiss your goddamn feet Suzaku. You heartless bastard! And I am ashame of you Suzaku, you probably didn’t even get a piece of that ass anyway! Hah!

Uh… ahemone of my favorite character has to be Kallen. I don’t know, there’s something about her. Maybe it’s her character design and her two-face personality. She is a dedicated rebel and is a useful piece for Lelouch too, and she falls in love with Zero (Lelouch’s rebel appearance) later on. Besides, she has dem titties. Yup. Nobody can resist Kallen in a bunny outfit. Lol.

2. Märchen Awakens Romance

MÄR is about a boy named Ginta who has the opportunity to go into this new world because this guy named Alviss decided to summon a one-way portal to the world of MÄR-Heaven. In this world, he finds out that his weak body gained superior physical ability and clear vision (he had glasses, in the other world, he can see without his glasses). This is your typical tournament anime as Nobuyuki Anzai likes to make his anime. In MÄR-Heaven, people uses such things called ÄRM. There are many types of ÄRM, which I will never explain. Well, rather than the types are kind of like elements.

There are many favorite characters that I like in this anime. Dorothy, Candice, Rolan, and Chimera. Dorothy, being one of the heroine and the other three being the antagonists.

Starting out with Dorothy, I LOVE HER. Her character design and sly personality is amazing. So yeah, what I really love most about Dorothy is her sly personality. And I cheered at the last episode when Dorothy kissed Ginta. Like a boss. It made me so happy that I went on to reading fanfics about Dorothy and Ginta.  Oh, the days when I read fanficsew. She is one of the strongest out of the group. And in the manga, her nipple was shown when she fought with Chimera. Oh, you, anime, censoring that part. If Freezing can show nipples, why couldn’t MÄR do it? I mean, they did it in Flames of Recca… probablynot.

Rolan is my second favorite. His happy personality is pretty funny for an antagonist. Yet he is serious and was able to defeat Alviss in their first match. His weapon was pretty weird to me since he makes explosive cubes. Yeah… explosive cubes. In their second match, Rolan uses a whip, and that was a tad better than his explosive cubes. I think he grew wings at one point, maybe that might just be me. His clothe design was pretty simple yet it matched him. Rolan was a poor child who lived on stealing and such, then he was taken in by Phantom. Ever since, he became part of the Chess Pieces. A Knight, to be exact.

Candice is a sadomasochist… I think you know why I like her. She has this giant axe that she uses and her battle with either Jack or Dorothy, I can’t remember, was pretty funny. She loves Phantom, and toward the end, that made Phantom happy since it made him realize that he wasn’t all hated. That touches me. The crazy woman who relishes physical pains in a fight as pleasure loved a crazy man who was (kind of) immortal but dies anyway because Alviss wanted to stay mortal. By the way, I hate Alviss. Just letting you know that. He’s one of those angst character and I don’t like angst characters.

Chimera has a sad past with her husband and all, but oh my goodness! I love her sadistic personality! Her ÄRM are amazing! I don’t know what type they were, probably darkness… nonot darkness. Oh, it was a ghost type. Anyways, I was shocked when they revealed Chimera’s face, and the people were surprised too. Chimera never really talked, and you always think that it was a he. Then you get her past. She loved this man who was an ex-Chess Piece, they got married in secret. The villagers took him away, murdered him, and gave her the bloody ring. In the manga, they gave her his finger along with the ring. Then, they decided to torture in hopes that she’ll reveal the loctaion of the remaining Chess Pieces. Well, she escapes, but she finds out that her body was deformed. Nooo!! Her character design was what I like best. She had a mass of eyeballs on the left side of her face, horizontal stiches on the scar across her nose’s bridge, and the piercing of her chess piece (how they tell your rank) on her tongue. Her hair was spiky too. She likes to mutilate pretty girls by the way. Beware!

I recommend people to watch this, and I recommend people to watch it again.

1. Rozen Maiden

My all time favorite anime! It’s about a boy named Jun who is a shut-in, one day, he gets mail saying “Yes or no.” He circle yes and later on, a suitcase arrived. There was a doll inside and he decided to wound it. The doll becomes alive and then Jun becomes her medium. The concept of this anime is basically what you would say battle royale. Or the Hunger Games, idk. These dolls are in a game called the Alice Game. The last doll standing will become a girl of utmost beauty and purity named “Alice”, just as their creator Rozen wanted.

Of course, the manga was better. But the anime is rewatchable and it’s not bad. The manga just carried on to the next storyline. The anime sometimes did a little change, but it didn’t make up its own story. So that was good. It had a fun comical feeling to it as you watch the dolls and such. You feel for them because they are such likeable characters. I’ve watched this in elementary and to this day, I still remember all their names without looking them up… with the exception of the seventh doll. Alright, let me see. The first is Suigintou, second is Kanaria, third is Suiseiseki, fourth is Souseiseki, fifth is Shinku, sixth is Hanaichigo, and seventh is… uhKirakishou.

I like all of these characters, they’re all my favorite. I even love Jun, too. Although, if I have to pick, I’d choose Suigintou. I love her. She is the first doll created by Rozen, but she had a flaw in her design. Despite this, her love for their father was so strong that she was able to move without a Rosa Mystica and was able to use her power without a medium. Of course, Suigintou gets a Rosa Mystica of her own later on, but she also changes too. She encounters this girl who is sick and she thought Suigintou as an angel of death because of her wings. She decided to become Suigintou’s medium because whenever Suigintou uses her power, it sucks the life (or maybe just hurts her medium) out of her medium. This kind of gave Suigintou a heart as she appears to care for her medium.

My second has to be Jun. Although the anime doesn’t really explains me, or maybe it did, mind me, I watched this back in elementary; Jun had a tragic past that caused him to not want to go to school and such. Later on in the manga, as he continued to live with the Rozen Maidens, he began to think about going back to school and such. I thought his character development was amazing and it went along with the storyline. What makes me smile on the inside was the fact that his tragic past had to do with people finding out that he likes to design clothing. And that was hilarious, but sad. What made me happy was when Kanaria’s medium persuaded him to go do what he loves to do, and that was designing and making clothes. Mostly dresses I think. He made one and posted it on this one site. While the days went on without anybody bidding on it, Jun felt sad until the last minute where people just suddenly started bidding like crazy. That was a really nice scene because it made Jun realize how much people loved his dress and how they would buy his dress at a very high price. Hey, those kids might make fun of Jun for doing such girly things, but when Jun gets all the ladies with his money, they be regretting what they did. Ha!

The art is really great and the clothes design of all these Rozen Maidens were brilliant! All them frilly stuff!

Now, the rereadability and rewatchability is highly recommended. It’s fun to watch again, I love it. And I know people love it too. “How?” you might ask me. Well…

They had a goddamn effing airplane of it! Holy crap! I want to take a ride on that airplane!


I’m sorry, but I’m not a fan of fanfictions. I don’t know why am I telling you that I don’t like fanfictions. Ah… I guess it’s because most of the fanfictions I’ve ever read werecrap. Heh, I know that there are some good ones out there, but it seems that I have quite the bad luck. I think I’ve read like one good fanfic, and that was for a show that I thought was extremely stupid. It was nice, well-made, and it had a good style. Though it had all that nice element, it didn’t really have the thing that make me want to continue reading it. Like, it didn’t have that one thing that makes me say, “Oh, I gotta keep on reading to see what’s going to happen!”

No, it was a story I would read when I had nothing else to do.

Now, I don’t just hate fanfics because of the poorly written stories that I’ve read… ugh

Every writer had a start. A spark that light the flames within their hearts. And fanfiction was what got me into writing. Oh, god. I shudder every time I think about my days as a fanfic writer, and that scares me very much. Believe me, you think that I write bad, just wait until you see the stories I wrote back in the days. BLEUH!

As much as I would like to thank fanfiction for making me the person I am today, I’m not going to say it. Are you crazy?


And if you must ask, I wrote fanfics for Naruto. Oh, how Asian was I?

Newly Made Picture

Made a new picture. I actually haven’t made one in a while. Still looks like crap, but oh well. It’s nice either way… contradictions. It’s Suigintou from Rozen Maiden. She’s my favorite character. It’s one of the first anime I ever watched. I still love it ever since. The manga is actually good too. I should resume reading it again.

Here’s the glowing version.