Rumble Fighters – Prologue


Would you prefer to be alive or dead? It was a stupid question, but I answered it with my honest thoughts: “I prefer to be dead. The world is filled with nothing but conspirator and mindless idiots. How could I continue living as a black sheep? I would powder myself white, but other sheeps will tattle-tell like little kids. They are nothing but traitors. They’d make friends with you and then plunge a dagger right at your spine at your weakest moment. So, like I said, I’d prefer to be dead. Does that answer your question?”

Speechless, the fortune teller flipped the next tarot card. I sighed, a bit happy by the fact that I was able to blow off some steam. However, it was still infuriating the fact that I was forced here. Was the place so bad at business that they had to push an innocent passerby into their store? I supposed so. She was pretty bad at predicting people’s reaction. Even asking such a stupid question at that.

“It seems that your bleak future is heading for the worse…”

No shit, lady. Do you have any other bullshit to say? Jeez. How the hell do girls believe in this stuff? They say the most obvious things.

“This event will set off an inescapable destiny.”

Sweat slid down from my forehead and dripped from my chin. I blew out a quiet, slow breath just in case I ended up breathing onto her face. They could at least afford an air conditioner in this tiny room. Seriously, it had enough space for a mini table and two chairs. I felt so cramped up in here. I would be freaking out at this point if I had claustrophobia. Luckily, I didn’t. The room was covered with dingy window shades and it made this place extremely dark. There was a red table cover on the… obviously the table. Sitting on top was a crystal ball that was the only thing illuminating some kind of light. It was fascinating and hypnotizing to stare into the crystal ball.

The lady was wearing a violaceous robe that covered her from head to toe. She was always gazing at the cards, I guessed it was another way to avoid me seeing her face.

“Oh, really? Do you know when?” I asked sarcastically.

“Within six weeks, five days, seventeen hours, eleven—”

“That’s way too specific!” I shouted. “Ahem… sorry.”

Even if I didn’t believe in the art of scamming, I got to have manner. It would be rude to speak my mind freely. After all, humans were fragile creatures. Anyway, I sped up the process, not wanting to spend five hours in that place. Heh, you know how the lady says within six weeks? Well, it’s been six months and nothing’s changed. How inconvenient. I thought I at least would’ve had a good story to tell.


Valma [Working Title] – Prologue

Beautiful, undeniably blue hair rolled down her shoulder as she removed her mask. Eras exhaled out of surprise. She was not a Valma. However, the evidence was clearly in her hand. She held a Talon, it was what the VA named. It was in shape of a black jagged dagger. The material was out of this world, literally. Though it was a short distance weapon, the Valma could create shockwaves out of that dagger.

Even if this was the second time she saw a Valma without their helmet on, it was still surprising to her. She looked just like a human. It scared Eras. What if there were more of these Valmas already infiltrated into Earth? The sea colored hair was a bit off, but anybody could excuse that by saying they’d dyed it. Unnatural hair color wasn’t a new thing.

Her teal eyes shimmered in the moonlight, showing a sign of fear, but at the same time, awe. This was her first time seeing Earth without the filter of her helmet. Eras gulped, pulling herself together and out of the rubble the Valma caused. Her hands tightened around her gun, although there was no gun in her hand. It was knocked out by the blast. Eras sighed, gazing at the Valma, who was carefully watching. The gun was out of her reach, though it didn’t matter anyway. With no other option, Eras said, “I’m not going to hurt you.”

Oh, the irony in that phrase.

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The first chapter will be longer, I promise.

Gray Covenant: Prologue

The man had a few minutes to last. His body was pumped with the tainted blood inside him, and it was too much for a mere Draxion to handle. The moment when the God of Time told him the truth about his changing condition and what happened to his father, he knew this day would come.

“No way, no way,” he murmured as much as he could in his final hour.

It wasn’t his last words, he thought of what to say to the God, what to say to his kid before he was relieved from the pain. And his wife, she was on the scene of the happening, the scene she couldn’t escape. He wanted her to witness it. He wanted her to make sure that this never would happen to his only son.

“Rynak, do you know the reason why this is happening?” the God said.

“Yes…” he forced it out.

He had soaked up too much sin and tainted his own pure blood. It was a matter of time ‘till all of the tainted blood pushed all the remaining clean blood out of his body and completely took control. He was to become a Wilder, a loyal servant to the Eternal Darkness.

“I had warned you and your father that this was a great risk, and yet the two of you ignored it. This is the result of your ignorant action,” the God still had the time to lecture the dying husband—feeling angry and pitiful.

“I… all I want… is a final request…” he was on his knees, drinking his own blood to keep himself from losing control.

“I am nothing but your advisor, I grant nothing. But I’ll hear this request.”

“P—please… take pity on my son… don’t—don’t let him suffer like this.” Then he turned to his wife. “Esther.”

“I love you, please, please don’t leave me!” she tried to touch him, but the God forced her back and away from him.

“I’ve gotten too far, Esther. Keep this… a s—secret, don’t let him… know until he’s ready… be strong, my love.” The final drop of his own blood was pressed out. “And see to that he will become a great king, will you?”

The God hurriedly placed his palm on the now dead Rynak and the newly born Wilder, chanting, “Be gone Wilder! Let the Queen of the Underworld take you to where you belong!”

Wilders were muscular creatures that had skins of lavender to shield themselves during the night, strong and sharp teeth to sink their virus into their victims. Their eyes were blinded by the Eternal Darkness, showing no pupil, and their ears and reproductive organs were no longer with them—fallen off and disintegrated. Their nose was the only tool that could make the distinction between their kin and prey. Wilders had no hair on their head or any other parts of their body but only a smooth yet sturdy skin. Their claws were tough as a bear and longer than the grizzlies, though they retained their humanoid feet, only growing a few inches bigger. They weren’t the creature that was praised by the Eternal Darkness; they were merely expendable for the Eternal Darkness to toy with. The transformation from a normal humanoid being to a Wilder only took a total of a third of a second, making the Wilder extremely dangerous when guards were down.

Magic symbols appeared below the Wilder. Just as the Wilder finished its transformation, the God was done with his spell. Large and dark purple-like claws emerged from the ground to tightly hold a grip on the Wilder and pulled it down to the Underworld. He sighed, having to do this to the people he was forced to serve once again had made him weary. Esther rushed to the ground on where her husband was… and wept for his death. The God didn’t like scenes like this, even if he had watched many other similar plays. He couldn’t get over the human emotions that all these people had taken form.

Although the God did know what to do in a scene like this, he kneeled down to the same level as her and comforted her. The other thing that he helped her was by reversing the room back to before it started happening, cleaning all the blood that was everywhere and especially on Esther herself. He put her in a sleep, to relax herself from the real world while her mind might be tormenting her in the dream world, and quietly left the room.

The God made a left and followed his memory to where the man’s son was. He opened the door, seeing how the boy was still up this late, and made a small lecture, “Now, William, you shouldn’t be up this late. Go to sleep, boy.”

William, smiling gleefully, said, “No.”

Grabbing him by the back of his shirt, he threw William to his bed and said again, “Go to sleep.”

“Yes, sir,” he agreed without another fight.

Smiling, the God patted the boy’s head and mumbled, “You’re going to become a great king, and I’m not going to let that happen to you. I might have banished many Wilders before, but the last two are the most difficult ones I ever had to do.”

William stayed down, listening to his quiet mumbles, not understanding them.


The Exzel kingdom was found in the Frendel Forest and was created by the Exzel tribe in 248 crean. The current crean was 266 in the planet Draxe, one of the planets created through Earth’s medieval fantasy. William was eighteen years old by then, almost reaching nineteen. How the Exzellians got their small kingdom and their impenetrable defense was through the deal with the God of Time himself.

What was the deal? Whoever could obtain the fairy queen inside the Frendel forest would win. Out of luck, the tribe leader outsmarted the God of Time himself and captured the fairy queen along with the finding of an abandoned castle that was now the Exzel Kingdom. With the fairy queen under control, the founding of the castle, and the deal won, heaven was singing for the Exzellians.

It was a fair game and the Time of God agreed to become the Exzel’s advisor forever or until they fall. He was amazed at the Exzel’s trickery that he decided to break the rules and allowed the Exzel’s leader and his sons to Earth. After achieving human information, they began the building of villages around the castle and improving it anytime they could. The small abandoned castle soon grew to a size for a kingdom. The defenses of the castle were beyond anybody’s armies combined. The forest that surrounded the castle and the fairies that have turned to allies made it effortless to fend off enemies. No one had breached into the inner forest and had yet returned, and they intended to keep it that way.



The day after. Midnight.

She mentioned about the amusement parks again, well, this time it was a theme park. This time, she actually had a time and place. “How about we go to Sea World on Saturday at nine?”

Saturday. That’s tomorrow. “I don’t know…”

I didn’t exactly have a fond memory of that place. It had water, sure, and turtles. It was a fun place, until somebody pushed me and I ended up smashing my face against the steel benches. I walked around the park with a bandage and a pain that wouldn’t stop. Heh, maybe this time it wouldn’t be so bad. “Err… I guess I’ll go.”

“Ah, that’s good! Because I already brought the tickets.”

“Hey, I thought I told you I would pay for it?”

“Sorry, I kind of got a bit too excited.”

Besides, where did she get all the money from, anyway? Unlike her, I worked for mine. And I still had the time to bother her at her house. Bah, she already paid, next time. We were talking over the phone, and I had a bad habit of hanging up without a single notice. However, Juliette sounded like she had more to speak of, and we spent three hours chatting about nothing. At least to me it was about nothing. Since she did all the speaking.

After flipping my phone closed, I entered the house through the backyard door. If I was to talk, I had to be somewhere not near any relative. It was night and I would bother my relatives if I was to talk. They said that I was loud whenever I spoke. Though it wouldn’t be of a difference if Juliette was the one chattering. Nighttime was cold and refreshing from the daylight. Inside was different, it was warm, and stuffy.

I ought to cook myself a late night snack. And it was supposed to be a grilled cheese. Until I found ham in the refrigerator. Then I felt like adding egg. Now it was just a sandwich dripping in oil. It was a good thing that I only made one or else I would’ve thrown up.

Heading into my bedroom, I jumped up to my bunk bed and fell asleep.

True Colors: Prologue

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Mistakes Lead to a Better Person

Eira suspected to be in a dark room, sitting in front of the table with a single light and then those cops slamming down on the metal desk and yelling his lungs out. Unfortunately, he was just a petty thief in the man’s eyes and also an underage criminal. All he had gotten was a small chat from the Juvenile police. He did get his wish about the bad cop ploy.

“Tell me, son, do you know what is the hardest part about killing another human being?” the policeman suddenly switched to a new topic. Before this, he was questioning Eira about why he had stolen the victim’s two-hundred dollar watch. After he had gone to a different subject, the policeman didn’t even give Eira the time to reply. “Murdering another human being, simple answer as that. People don’t want to be killed, and in a time of crisis, they may show more strength than they can bear. And fighting back with the victim can be difficult.”

“I’m sorry to interrupt,” he muttered, “but how does this have to do with me?”

The man frowned, pointing his rugged finger at the thief. “Because I know kids like you will always go down that path no matter what other people advise you. When that day comes, I’ll be glad to throw you in jail for your crimes.”

If his hands were free or in front of him, he would scratch the awful itch on his cheek. Eira chuckled to move his cheeks around. “Please…”

Officer Jefferson lightly pulled on his beard, sighing. “Get out of here. We’re done.”

Getting out as in heading back to the same chair he had been sitting on for the past hours. Although the difference was that his partner-in-crime was seated right next to him. Well, that person would be me. I was rubbing my teary face on my shoulders to wipe it all off before Eira came back. And that scene inside was all he told me about. I basically burst when I was inside with Officer Jefferson. He treated me kindly, for he knew that I was a “good child who was hanging out with the wrong kids.” Sure, I was with the wrong man—and I did say that with no emphasis on any affection toward Eira—but he didn’t catch me with his devious plan. No, no, I offered to help him. Sometimes, I regretted this action. Sometimes, I felt as if this was a right choice in my life.

I’m not encouraging kids to make bad decisions like I did. You shouldn’t be doing that, especially with the Department around to track your every move once you’re on their list. Trust me, it’s a pain in the neck to be watched every day. Even I don’t know how they get that many employees to stalk every naughty child.

The Department was a major thing in the beautiful country of Alora. They were technically the ones that acted like the big cheese of the Enforcement Units. Or to put it in a more elaborate term, they were the government. Although they denied that fact, knowing that the puppet government would obey their every command. I didn’t know if they were great at their job or not. But recently, they decided that the root to all of the crimes came from the youth and issued a law (that the puppet government obviously passed) to give them the rights to bypass any private rights for anybody under eighteen with a criminal record. Now, that might seem crazy and (intelligent) citizens thought that the employee of the Department would abuse their power. In order to ensure that there weren’t going to be any dark secrets, the Department created a rule that any agent that defied the tenet would be severely punished.

But enough about the Department. They sickened me enough for the time being.

I did not get out of the Juvenile Justice Department until two in the afternoon. I had been in there since nine in the morning after I was driven to school to get myself arrested—which I found to be extremely idiotic. Although Eira did get himself arrested at his own home due to him not arriving at school where he was supposed to be taken into custody. I shouldn’t talk much about someone being dim-witted—I mean, I was stupid myself. And was I ashamed.

At two in the beautiful afternoon, I was taken back by my mother, who appeared to be ready to collapse at any moment. If I had a license, I would drive her back home. Too bad, though, I didn’t even know how to drive. We didn’t speak a word with each other during the car ride. But I knew my mother was disappointed me in. Yet… I didn’t know if I care or not. She wasn’t my real mom, and I just acknowledged her as my permanent mother last week. I couldn’t keep the tears within me, like how I couldn’t with Officer Jefferson. Crying numbed my brain, and that feeling wasn’t my favorite activity.

And let me tell you one thing, I may sound a bit nonchalant about this. But that’s because I’m telling a situation that happened a month ago. I’ve currently been put in the watch list of the Department and serving a twenty-five hour community service. I haven’t talked to Eira during these months.

            At home, my mother said what seemed to be rehearsed lines to me. I sat and nodded quietly. Then I went to my room where I would be interrupted by my brother who was a part of the Enforcement Units (policeman). Unlike my mother, he lectured me on what was to come next. I was to be put on the watch list, given either a court session or community service. However, Officer Jefferson reconsidered that I took the community service route along with a few educational classes. This was actually a hard decision, actually. Eira and I somehow came as a package. If I was to be given community service, so did Eira. Officer Jefferson hated that poor soul, but he had to give me a chance.

After all the drama was built up and sank like a submarine, I headed for the bathroom to wash my face. Rubbed my eyes and blew out a few snots.

This was a minor family tragedy. And I was forgiven after I paid my dues. Things started to become a bit better. I was off of the watch list the moment I finished my community service and those horrid educational classes. I finally thought I was able to revert back to a normal student. Oh, I was wrong. Eira was still here.

One might say that mistakes will lead you to becoming a better person. That’s because you’ve learned from your mistakes. But does that works for criminals too? Because surely my mistake has led me to becoming one of the greatest thieves of all time. And I am not proud of it.

This, I will say, is based on a true story. Just the prologue though. Some of it might have been changed. Which reminds me. Oh, these cops and their whole, “We can’t arrest you right now so please come to school tomorrow so we can arrest you then.”
Plus, I didn’t do much of description on this, but I rarely do description on prologues because it will get too long.