Rich Teenagers

So I’ve been watching these shows with all these millionaire teenagers. Damn am I jealous. But am I inspired to be like them? Heck no! I realized that most of them were businessmen/women. Goodness, I am not a businesswoman, even if I learn the way of one. I guess I find the way of being in a cube to be extremely boring. I’d rather stay in my cube… I mean room.

It’s no lie that I find myself to be more of an entertainer. And it’s also no lie that I would be a terrible entertainer. Why? Because I have a terrible shyness. I guess one could say that I’m the entertainer when I’m with my friends. I’m quite quiet when I’m with strangers or people I usually don’t talk to. The worst thing that could happen to me is when I do have something to say, but I don’t say it. And later on, it comes back to haunt me. Jeez.