Today, I registered for school and got my schedule. It was all nice until the last period, which was Computer Application.

What? ._.

I had signed up for Psychology and Sociology which would take up my sixth period. How did my friend get Psychology and not me? Did that many people join Psychology? How can that happen? What terrible luck do I have. Well, I put the class change slip inside the box and now I’m hoping for the best. Right now, I don’t care if I can’t join Psychology anymore, I just want to get out of Computer Application. Seriously… I don’t want to learn about computers. I already know what to do on a computer and that’s enough for me. I don’t need any mumbo jumbo stuff. Actually, I don’t even know what Computer Application is. Hah.

Oh, by the way, I couldn’t sleep because of  a very rare case of insomnia. I tried to tire myself out by working out at three in the morning. What a terrible idea because I woke up at seven feeling terribly ill. I stood in line for registration, feeling as if I was about to throw up at any second.

Hah, and I totally missed my expectation. Oh woe is me. I didn’t walk to school due to the fact that I felt like crap.

Anywho, I had signed up for violin once again. I played the violin back in fourth to fifth grade, but I gave up because I didn’t have the motivation to play it. Well, now I’m giving my dedication to this violin and to school as I try as hard as (three as’s lol) I can. Which means less time on the computer during school days. I’m trying to figure out a schedule where I could accept it and not ignore it.

Ah, I got a new violin. Because my old one was for “babies” says the Korean lady at the music store. We got this for $280 plus tax since we paid it by credit card. I totally forgot to ask them for those guide books. I just called it a guide book, wow. I wanted to get a bit used to the violin before I actually restart my lessons. Oh, well. I guessed I’ll just get use to holding it. I checked on how to hold a bow, and gosh did I laugh. But I seriously held it like that. I feel awkward.

My current goal for my violin dedication is to try to play the titanic theme song again. That was one song that I loved playing. I lost the music sheet for it though. Bummer.

Before I finish, what is Computer Application?