Dragon’s Prophet

I first looked at Dragon’s Prophet because a friend told me that it was better than Vindictus (quest-wise). I was all in Vindictus fan mode at that time, saying, “WHAAAAAA?????” and taking insults to that. Anyways, I checked it out and thought that it wasn’t as fun gameplay wise. I didn’t care much about the quest since I liked the dialogues of it. The beginning of Vindictus was tedious, however. But this is about Dragon’s Prophet.

I wanted to give it a try since I don’t say it’s crap until I’ve played it and experienced the “crap” gameplay. Downloaded, installed, and I tried it out. Error. This is in 64-bit… I have 32-bit. FUUUU!! Well that went to the drain pretty quickly.

A month later, I decided to upgrade to 64-bit for other purposes (and to try out the game again). Downloaded, installed, and I tried it out. Error (0xc000007b). What? Seriously? I spent three hours trying to understand how to fix this problem, but it appears that I’m too stupid.

I give up on this game :c


Valma – [1]

Standing on the debris of what was used to be the Tereme building, Eras stared at her clipboard as it popped up lists of the items that needed to be collected. She scoffed at the list. The owner left his company tower to fall and just about half of his workers dead, now he wanted the Retrievers to return his important data. If he wanted to save these so much, the man could’ve just taken them before he fled.

Eras kicked off some of the rocks and found a burnt body underneath. She cringed, but ordered her crew to dig up the place.

“It seems that the Valmas are gone. We don’t need to worry about anything.”

As they continued rummaging through the rubble, without the help of Eras since she was only acting as a search dog, they discovered half of the items on the list. Some of these Eras would keep in order to sell later. She wasn’t the cleanest person around here. She would be amazed at somebody working as a Retriever that had a clean record.

“Damn, they’ve really done damage in this city,” said Odin. “The VA usually keeps them at bay, but for the Valma to destroy half of the city. This is just crazy.”

“Yeah, and now people are getting mad and wondering ‘why aren’t the VAs protecting us’ and how ‘it is a waste of tax money on these people.’ Obviously, they don’t want the help, so why bother?”

He chuckled. “If our government had your mind set, I don’t know how we would survive.” Eras jabbed him in his side. “Ow! I’m just kidding!”

Odin was one of the new recruits. He was young and fresh out of college. It surprised Eras on why he joined to be a Retriever rather than becoming part of the Valma Annihilation team. If she could remember, it was a boy’s dream to join that or the military. It didn’t matter anyway, the pay for both jobs were somewhat equal.

He was around twenty-one years ago. He had unkempt crow-like hair that made Eras cringed every time she saw him. If only she had a hairbrush. Odin kept in touch with the latest technology and enjoyed spending his money on them. The new recruit was eccentric in his own little ways. He built a miniature robot from scraps left behind that followed him around. It didn’t do anything, but Odin enjoyed its presence. People often mistaken him as weak due to his soft nature and his malleable amber eyes. Though he had a wiry figure, he was the man who was put to work the most by Eras. Because of that, he wasn’t somebody to be underestimated when it came to sheer strength.

“Are you guys finished with the Tereme building?”

“We’re done ages ago.”

“Good, because that’s the last one for today.” She sighed. “This took longer than I expected. I wanted to go home before the sun sets.”

“The sun’s currently setting, if you hurry, you can go back before the moon reaches the sky.” He smiled.

“Right, my house is three hours away from this city.”

She finished off the list and handed it to Odin. He whined about always having to bring the work in, though he accepted it anyway. Eras walked out of the red zone, wired by yellow tapes that said, “Keep out.”

The tape was a bit old fashion, but the lasers weren’t going to be there any time soon. Plus, there was a school near the mess and the governor here had the balls to continue school days. Eras couldn’t  afford to have kids messing around her workplace. She ambled to her car, clicking her smart key to open the door. It was a black Yeol model car. It wasn’t a sports car and that currently made Eras sad. She needed a fast car to get home right about now. Her car was a hybrid and the security was good enough to not get it stolen, so it was okay for Eras.

Entering her car, her phone ticked on and blared a familiar ringtone. It was Bandaar who was calling her. She sighed, switching the call onto the speakers of her car. “What do you want, Bandaar?”

“Hey, Eras, just calling in. Where are you right now?”

“Revo.” She set to an automatic drive, setting the destination to her home.

“Ah, that’s the last attack of the Valmas…”

“So, tell me, what the hell has the VAs been doing? This is the first time half of a city has been obliterated. I thought you guys were supposed to be doing the annihilation, not them.”

“Well, that’s one reason why I called you. It seems that the Valma have finally deployed another their elite soldier. It hurts me to tell you this, but we did not kill the Valma.”


“I’m sending you the pictures.”

“Wait a minute. Did I hear you correctly? The Valma is still alive and out on Earth? And there was only one of them that caused this chaos?”

“That’s what I said.”

The uploads completed and the pictures popped up onto her screen. She examined it, scoffing. “I supposed even human technology can’t stop a rampaging mecha.”

The Valma had been playing with the humans for quite a long time. This was the first time they had ever gotten serious. Or at least that was Eras’ theory. She zoomed in on the picture, checking out all the weapons and mechanics it had. It was about seven feet tall and had a melancholy blue painted on. Bandaar sent her a footage of the mecha’s capacity. The machine was equipped with laser guided rockets, a material beam that required a lengthy charge up but it was probably the reason for most the damage, and a few automatic guns to eliminate the small fries. This wasn’t like the other mecha that she fought.

“I’m amazed that something this big hasn’t been discovered yet.”

“So do I. It escaped after it released this fog. I don’t know how it left within the small zone of the fog, but I believed that it went underground. Although we’ve checked every tunnel underneath Revo and yet still no sign of it.”

“You’d think the Valma got teleported back to their ship.”

“That’s my next guess.”

“Well, in any case, this ain’t my problem. I was only there to pick up the scraps.”

Bandaar frowned, oblivious to Eras, replying, “Our research about the Valmas has significantly decelerated ever since you left, Eras. You were the first person who captured one of these aliens alive.”

“Oh, thanks for reminding me. How is Geo? Is he dead yet?”

“No, he is not. We’re not that careless. Although he hasn’t answered any of our questions.”

“I’d expected the Valma Researching team to crack open his skull and find nothing useful with his brain.”

“You were the only person he’d talk to. If you hadn’t left, maybe we could’ve found out about who the Valmas are and maybe even their culture.”

“Yeah, waste my time doing that just so the VA can go and wipe them out.” Eras closed out the photos and footages, she was tired of them. “If you don’t have anything else to say to me, then I think we’re done here. I need a nap.”

“Well, there is another thing. My son’s seventeenth birthday is coming up.”

“And you want me to be there?”

“Roland respects you, and I also think he just wants to listen to more of your stories.”

“I’ll go if I have the time.”

“Thanks, Eras.”

“You got nothing else?”


“Then I’ll talk to you later.”

She ended the call, pushed down her seat, and slept through the three hour ride.

The car stopped abruptly, shaking Eras back to reality. She groaned, feeling a slight headache. She was home. The garage door was closing. The light turned on as she exited the car. Treading out of the garage and into her living room. She laid down on the couch. The woman was far too sleepy to squander her remaining energy. It was nighttime, she needed to go to sleep.

Valma [Working Title] – Prologue

Beautiful, undeniably blue hair rolled down her shoulder as she removed her mask. Eras exhaled out of surprise. She was not a Valma. However, the evidence was clearly in her hand. She held a Talon, it was what the VA named. It was in shape of a black jagged dagger. The material was out of this world, literally. Though it was a short distance weapon, the Valma could create shockwaves out of that dagger.

Even if this was the second time she saw a Valma without their helmet on, it was still surprising to her. She looked just like a human. It scared Eras. What if there were more of these Valmas already infiltrated into Earth? The sea colored hair was a bit off, but anybody could excuse that by saying they’d dyed it. Unnatural hair color wasn’t a new thing.

Her teal eyes shimmered in the moonlight, showing a sign of fear, but at the same time, awe. This was her first time seeing Earth without the filter of her helmet. Eras gulped, pulling herself together and out of the rubble the Valma caused. Her hands tightened around her gun, although there was no gun in her hand. It was knocked out by the blast. Eras sighed, gazing at the Valma, who was carefully watching. The gun was out of her reach, though it didn’t matter anyway. With no other option, Eras said, “I’m not going to hurt you.”

Oh, the irony in that phrase.

This is quite the short prologue :L

The first chapter will be longer, I promise.

Judge Dredd

Heeey!! I’ve watched Judge Dredd today and oh goodness was it amazing! I loved almost everything about it. Especially since I’ve seen the original, I thought it was a lot nicer that they decided to put it more into the darker aspect. Instead of making it kid-friendly. Which reminds me, it’s rated R, and there were two kids watching Dredd. Wow.

I was lucky that my theater had it in 2D because I can’t stand 3D. I was kind of wanted to watch it in 3D when they slow-mo came on, rather than that, I don’t want to waste my money on 3D.

SPOILERS: My favorite scene was when Anderson escaped and then the crooked Judge appeared and was like, “I’m here to help you!” then Anderson used her magical power and was all like, “Not you not! >:[” (she didn’t really say that). And then she shot the judge and stepped over her. Best fight scene ever.

ANOTHER SPOILER: The other favorite is the minigun scene 😀 that was amazing. My eardrums felt like it was going to burst, but it was worth it.

This isn’t a review, because if it was, it’s a terrible one.

From Where We Started

Chapter 1: Part 1

            The village cried to me in agony, begging me to stop the suffering. My eyes blinked, almost teared up by the smoke that came over, blown by disaster-made wind, to choke me. I was unable to stop, I had gone too far. This was too much that even a simple rain storm couldn’t stop. Fires raged upon the roofs, making roaring sounds, threatening me from taking any more steps forward. The dirt path of the village that I stood in neatly placed houses symmetrically. Each of them made of wood and rice paper, such a perfect ingredient for flames. My mind had decided, and I forced myself into the heart of the village—about six or ten villagers dead as I passed them. This wasn’t something I could travel back in time and stop myself. This was a mistake I had to bear. The destruction of an entire race!

The flames danced wildly upon the roofs of each house, its green flames created orange fire, one house at a time.

I made my way into the center of the village before I was stopped by a familiar voice. “Elise… please…” the man coughed, pleading me. It was the chief.

Why was I so stupid? These people knew me, they trusted me. And yet, I turned their faith against them. I wasn’t their guardian angel, I was the fiend that lied through the bare teeth of this twisted mouth. He didn’t pull his head up, it took too much energy, and at that moment, strength was what he needed to pull the words out of his mouth. His words were quiet, I had to kneeled and leaned my head in. “Within my mansion lie my two precious children. We may be done for, but they still have so much to live for! They will be my future. Save them… I beg of you.” There was a large cut on his back, barely any burn marks. This might be the reason why he was in this state. I looked at him in pity, then it would counter back at me. “I know what you’ve done.” And I know I can’t ever repay this, no matter how many times I torture myself. “But it’s not your fault.”

My eyes widened, lips tightened, and I dared to shout at a man lying on his death bed. “It’s not my fault? I’m the one who started the fire. I’m the one with the Queen’s Flame!” I selfishly confessed to everything. “And you say that it’s not my fault?”

Under his ragged grey hair, his face pointed toward the ground and away from my view, I could feel his smile. He was grinning. The chief moved his head sideways, letting himself watch his village falling apart. “I have told that one day this would happen. We weren’t made to live forever. I have accepted my fate, but I can’t let my children be a part of this. Please, as a favor from a friend, save them. At least… you’ll be able to save a part of yourself with this.”

After continuing to observe him, he no longer moved. The chief was gone. If I saved his children, I would be saving myself? What kind of logic was that? Ah, psychological. My knees straightened and I had gotten back to my original height. Turning on my heels, I was about to head toward the chief’s mansion—to the east—when something suddenly and surprisingly grabbed my ankle. I turned back, shock surging through my brain. It was a soft grip, rather, a dying grip. “Whatever you do, don’t let her spread her wings.”

Don’t let her spread her wings.

Those were his final words.

He was supposed to be dead. And yet it was like the heavens above sent him straight back to his body to let him heed his warning to me. At least I knew that one of his two children was a girl. After the charcoal covered hand released me of my position, I continued onward east. Of course, the chief wasn’t lying when he said mansion. Out of every regular looking house, his mansion stood out like a sore thumb. It was like the city hall, except this was a standalone village that preferred no connection with anybody. This village was peaceful, well, usually. Now there wouldn’t be a tranquil home on the planet of Yuos, the green planet that was surrounded by vegetations, waterways, oceans, and natural-born enemies.

The manor was like a painting, one filled with hatred and the desire to burn everything. The fire already made its way here, quickly eating everything up and spitting out the dust. I’d better hurry. The frames came forth from the ground and up to the seven foot wall, then side to side the structure would connect to keep itself from falling apart. What covered it from the public was rice paper. The brownish red oak shined brighter than it should be. The flames were heading up. Soon, the ceiling that had an arc would collapse with the children under it. I heard enough screams that would last a lifetime. I wasn’t about to have another carved into my brain.

The oak and tan-ish white rice paper was no match for my boot as I kicked it down. With the door opened, I searched for these two children, not knowing if they were alive or already burned to a crisp. Ashes flew onto my skin and clothes without me noticing. I was in a frantic state, coughing every few seconds. At this moment, the smoke that caused so much poison would drop a human’s lung, letting them suffer before their body was engulfed. Too bad I wasn’t one; I didn’t plan on being a victim to fire. But there was too much, it was blocking my vision, tickling my throat and causing me to retch like a madman. The green floor was all I could see on the bottom, but the door that released all of this smoke appeared to not be the way. I should leave the guest room and not take the closet door.

Everywhere I searched for these two. Had the chief deceived me? Did he bring me here to die? No, he knew who I was. Piles of burnt wood weren’t going to kill me. They might as well stab my heart with a wooden stake. No, he would never be this… evil. Although I had never seen these children of his, did they even exist? The time that I spent here in this village, I never caught a glance of them. He described them with so much grace in his voice. “They are the most beautiful thing you’ll ever lay your eyes on, Elise. My people say that the color of their hair shows that they are infected. Of all things they decide to tell to the chief, they go ahead and tell me that my children are defects. Maybe I shouldn’t be so nice to them; then again, I can’t be so mean to the people who raised me from child to man.”

“What is the color of their hair that makes them so different from others?” I asked him in return. “Is it such an out of the ordinary for you?”

“Their hair is gold, just like their mother. Heh, before I took my rightful place as the chief, I found my one true love. Like I’ve said before with my children, people had said that she was infected with a disease, something they probably made up to scare me away. But you know what? I didn’t care. Whatever this ‘disease’ might’ve done to her, it did a pretty good job. She was a fair maiden, from my eyes, her blond hair moved with such elegance. I took her in as my wife and she made her end of her bargain and gave me two beautiful children.”

“You tell me much about your wife and children, but I’ve never seen them with my own eyes,” I diligently replied.

The chief smiled, his lips stretched as far as it could go. “In due time my dear friend, in due time.”

I’m guessing that the time is now, right? You probably want me to go as fast as I can before I miss my chance.

Gah, think Elise, think! If I was a girl who had a sibling and the whole house was burning down, where would I be? Was it too smart for them to run outside? How old were they exactly? I presumed that their brain hadn’t fully matured yet, so somewhat young. Maybe the chief had told them to hide somewhere, somewhere in the house, and wait for somebody to rescue them. “Oh, what was I thinking?” the chief wouldn’t think of a plan like that. I was getting too ahead of myself.

Or would he?

I didn’t know where I was anymore. Inside, everything looked the same, and I couldn’t afford to wait and think. The ceiling was starting to break down. The way I came from was now blocked. I started seeing heat waves, it was already this hot? At the end of the hallway, I only had four choices left for me. Easily, I would be able to break out and get myself into the forest. The manor was one of the many houses that had its back embraced by the forest. If I was guessing correctly, I was near the end of the mansion. This was only a guess though, for all I care, I might bring myself out and back to the burning village.

Four choices, so much could be done, but I had no way of turning back and it seemed that the fire would only let me pick one room. I looked down at my feet, almost forgetting my surroundings, and thought, “Elise, you have only one choice. It better be correct.”

But first, I needed information. I had used the Queen’s Flame, one of the only flames with a mind of its own. It will burn and melt through everything, but what it loved the most was flesh, preferably human flesh. However, the Krozamine clan wasn’t human. It was still flesh either way, just like me. I noticed that the flames were gradually coming toward me as the other rest went pass me to head for four rooms. It was crawling by the side of the walls.

The Queen’s Flame was attracted to the flesh, so if I had looked carefully, where was the fire heading? The second to the left, that was where most of the flames seemed to be attracted to. It didn’t bother when it skipped the first room. That was where all my bets were going to.

Darting toward the room, I slid the door open, although it was already opened with the rice paper gone from the fire. I stepped inside, eyes carefully searching. A closet, opened. Fires were heading toward it. And the final hint, a sudden wave of a sunflower hair. She must be there!

I rushed and raced against the fire which appeared to be ignoring my presence. Though this was a bad idea, I ripped the door open. I didn’t think I’d have the patience to just open it gently. Inside sat the two golden haired children, just like what the chief had said. I found the similarity from his daughter, whose eyes stabbed me in my black little heart. She delivered a low growl with an intimidating aura that would drive away even the most fearsome creature; however, there wasn’t time for me to be scared. I pushed myself toward her, picking her up and dashing out of the room. The Queen’s Flame followed me, it was quicker than usual.

This was the luxurious meal it had been waiting for, and I was taking it away from it. I would be mad too if my delicious dinner—that would be in my stomach soon—was being stolen right in front of my face. The end of the hall was to the right this time, and I made no sluggish kick to the wall. It broke, and it looked like it would just tumble down without me using force. With that, I saw the forest. It would be foolish of me to bring the Queen’s Flame to the forest. However, the Darkling of the Underworld would come soon and bring this flame back to its cage. I made haste with my escape. And it was even harder to run with two children on my arms. Oh, if only I could shoot fire until it died out. I would waste my entire clip on it.

I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder. The girl was biting me! It had started bleeding. Although once I had gotten far enough for the flame to lose interest, the girl kept struggling. And jeez, her teeth hurt as if somebody was repeatedly stabbing an old wound of mine with a pickaxe! After having no more patience with her, I forcefully threw her on the ground, and let her brother down gently. The wound that she gave me healed in no time. “Look kid, I’m saving your life here!” I growled at her.

Yet like a beast, she made no reply and tried to attack me once more. I had to hold her down; she was probably at a stage where she thought everybody was an enemy. It was a survival instinct for the Krozamine clan. Her brother, on the other hand, just stared at me with those gleaming blue eyes of his. For some reason, it felt so much better than the dagger reds from his sister. The girl was young, but she didn’t look like she was in her childhood stage. Her brother was, for sure. She was much different… ahh… what was her name? Oh, right, the chief never told me. He only praised them on how beautiful they were.

What about their mother? I didn’t see her in there with them.

Oh, but the chief only told me to save the children. Had his wife already died?

“What’s your name?” a sudden question. This was from the boy, his face looked eager to find out. What was up with him? Why was he so happy while his sister was in a rage? “My name’s Elliot!” he continued without hearing mine. Then he watched this sister, who was still being held down to the ground, and pointed at her. “Her name is Natasha. She’s a demon year older than me!” This girl was a hundred years older than him?

Somehow, hearing the cheery voice of her brother made her resistance stop. The girl blinked, and tears were formed. The moment I saw that, I went off of her. I sat down on the grass, somewhere a tad far from those two, and I gave my answer, “The name’s Elise Suzanne. I’m a friend of your father…” and the woman who destroyed your entire village. “I just happened to come here on a visit when I saw this whole place burning down.”

There I went with my lies; I just let it seep through my teeth without regret or anything. “He told me a lot about you two, although most of them were about how beautiful your hair was. I actually never met you two, and I never thought that I would meet you like in such a crisis like this.”

“Our father is kind!” the boy randomly shouted.

“Yes,” I couldn’t help but to smile at his thick-headedness. “I know that.”

The daughter refused to say anything, she only watched her brother as he happily conversed with me while his village was burning in the background. We were far, I ran fast, but the light of the fire was visible even from here. I wondered, “Was he talking to me in this tone so that he could hide the depressing side of him?” Surely, some part of him should be crying—like how some part of me should be regretting.

It was nice to talk, but I needed to move. I needed to be back on my ship. I needed to talk, but not to these two. “Come,” I said, “we better get moving.”

Elliot—that was his name, correct?—nodded, not knowing what I probably meant, and stood up. I walked a few steps before looking back. He was pulling his sister up, saying, “Let’s go with the nice lady, Natasha.”

It almost looked like it was a reverse role of older and younger siblings. However, Natasha was mature; she did care for her brother. To her, the boy was already in my grasp and somehow trusted me. And she wouldn’t want him to be alone with me no matter what. So Natasha had no choice, she had to follow.