My First Impression on Walkure Romanze

54969lBefore I actually start: PFFT WTF? HAHAHAHA.

Not saying that it’s a bad anime, but it’s just not that original.

Let me start off by saying this. They should get a new idea and here is my proposal: The MC should be about the horse that attacked Mio (I literally thought that Sakura was the MC because I was so convinced by it). The horse will help the heroine through the tournament. The harem should revolve around the horse and how the girls want to ride Sakura (it’s a girl, yes) for the tournament. Bam, best fucking anime ever made. It would be much more interesting than what they have right now.

On to another point, I don’t like the fact that it’s a harem. It’s not my favorite thing, but I endure it because anime is male-dominated and guys have dreams of having a lot of sexy women loving them. And possibly having an orgy with them. Anyways, I’m not a big fan of harem due to the fact that it brings out a lot of underhanded jokes, situations, and “fanservice.” I can’t really call it fanservice anymore because they literally shove it down your throat at this point (not Walkure Romanze, but other anime). I love boobs as much as the next person, but sometimes I get tired of seeing them every five minutes. Back to where I was, I’m cool with harem if the MC keeps focus of only one girl. I am fine with that. By the way, the other thing about why I don’t like harems is mostly because I usually like the other girls more than the heroine. It makes me sad to see them all alone.

I do like the fact that it’s about jousting, very nice. I can’t remember any jousting anime I’ve watched.

Then there’s the cliche characters that makes me want to puke rainbows. Who started this template? Seriously? I’m sick and tired of curly blonde hair girls with big tits who are the top of their class and beloved by all. I’m sick and tired of curly blonde hair bitches who bitch about everything and thing they’re on top of the world and have giant tits. I’m tired of pink hair ditzy main characters who obviously has a crush on the guy. I’m tired of all of that, give me something new. Give me something original.

Scratching all of the cliche female characters, let’s talk about the male character. He is those douchebag characters who don’t care about anything anymore. Sometimes those characters can be very funny, but with him, he’s just a jerk. It’s not like he wants to be one, he’s just so sad. Oh, boohoo, you injured yourself and now you can’t joust anymore. I know it’s something I shouldn’t be mad about, but he seriously needs to move on. Not once did he smile in the episode (only in a flashback). He’s so mopey. Then there’s the part about how he became a bel-whatever, but he doesn’t have a slight clue on who he wants to be with. Meeer! Make up your mind. Go with the blonde chick (because she needs some loving). The one thing I like about him is that at least he’s not a total beginner.

Okay, another thing, why is Mio (the pink hair girl) in this school anyway? She said to the MC about why he was still in the school if he wasn’t jousting anymore. So is she a bel-whatever it’s called? Or does she just freeload? It’s obvious that she’s going to become a knight, but what the hell is she doing? I supposed the school is somewhat for normal people too.

So all in all, this anime would’ve been a lot more interesting with my idea. At least I would watch it.