I’m Tired of Following Templates

From the title, yes, I am very tired from following templates. What templates? you might ask. Well, here is the answer: The steps my older siblings have taken.

Being the youngest of three, my parents expect me to follow the same thing my siblings have done. Most importantly, my sister. It frustrates me to no end because they must compare me to my sister when we have nothing in common whatsoever. So she’s outgoing, I’m not. She’s athletic, I’m not. Get over it, please. I’m my own person. I hate living in my sister’s shadow.

My sister is currently attending Cal State Fullerton, and I was thinking about taking the college too. However, I am afraid that my parents will think that I’m going to be following her footstep. I have sent an application to them anyway. The school that I want to be go to at the current moment has to be Cal State Monterey Bay. It’s far away from my family, but not that far where I can’t go back. The place is cheaper if I stay in dorms. The other reason is to escape my parent’s pressure of wanting me to drive.

I will not learn how to drive a car because A: I don’t have the attention span to keep attention to the road; B: I don’t have the calm temper to be driving; C: I don’t want to give people rides; D: Even I wouldn’t trust myself driving. The best transportation I want is a motorcycle. At least then I wouldn’t hurt as much people if I do crash, only myself.

Also, I took the class for getting a license, and I attempted to do the test but failed because the questions don’t make sense to me. I mean, seriously, do you even use half of this knowledge on the road? How many people do you see cutting you on the road, tailgating you, and even honking at you because a second passed when it’s the green light? How did they pass the test? What the hell?

So all in all, I want to drive a motorcycle. Yeah, that’s the moral of this post.