The day after. Midnight.

She mentioned about the amusement parks again, well, this time it was a theme park. This time, she actually had a time and place. “How about we go to Sea World on Saturday at nine?”

Saturday. That’s tomorrow. “I don’t know…”

I didn’t exactly have a fond memory of that place. It had water, sure, and turtles. It was a fun place, until somebody pushed me and I ended up smashing my face against the steel benches. I walked around the park with a bandage and a pain that wouldn’t stop. Heh, maybe this time it wouldn’t be so bad. “Err… I guess I’ll go.”

“Ah, that’s good! Because I already brought the tickets.”

“Hey, I thought I told you I would pay for it?”

“Sorry, I kind of got a bit too excited.”

Besides, where did she get all the money from, anyway? Unlike her, I worked for mine. And I still had the time to bother her at her house. Bah, she already paid, next time. We were talking over the phone, and I had a bad habit of hanging up without a single notice. However, Juliette sounded like she had more to speak of, and we spent three hours chatting about nothing. At least to me it was about nothing. Since she did all the speaking.

After flipping my phone closed, I entered the house through the backyard door. If I was to talk, I had to be somewhere not near any relative. It was night and I would bother my relatives if I was to talk. They said that I was loud whenever I spoke. Though it wouldn’t be of a difference if Juliette was the one chattering. Nighttime was cold and refreshing from the daylight. Inside was different, it was warm, and stuffy.

I ought to cook myself a late night snack. And it was supposed to be a grilled cheese. Until I found ham in the refrigerator. Then I felt like adding egg. Now it was just a sandwich dripping in oil. It was a good thing that I only made one or else I would’ve thrown up.

Heading into my bedroom, I jumped up to my bunk bed and fell asleep.