What the Hell, Aeria Games? [Aura Kingdom Founder’s Beta]


Aura Kingdom is going through the Founder’s Beta within 13 days. Before today, which is the day where they reveal the prices for the Founder’s Pack, me and a couple of friends were joking about it. I sarcastically said, “It’s probably going to be around 30 bucks.” That is expensive enough for me.

Then today… the prices are released.

Screenshot_2I don’t even know anymore. Seriously Aeria Games? Are you that greedy right now? Why would people spend $300 on a Founder’s Beta that only expand over 2 weeks (or more)? There are people who are that dumb, aren’t there? Yes, there is. A person bought this Diamond Pack… I am not kidding. Why? Just why?

I have a problem with this. The first thing is the fact that they saying that it’s “on sale” so for the people who look at it, they think it’s a good deal. Oh, yeah, it used to be $550 but now it’s $300. I save $250 if I buy it now. Hopefully nobody thinks that because this is just the first day. It’s like you going on a 45% sale on everything on the first day of your business. You’ll end up destroying your business like that. This is just a cheap way for encouraging people to buy the damn thing (especially when they have a little price tag that says, “BEST DEAL”)

The second is the fact that all of the items are useless. It’s like you’re buying a doll house for your daughter and she plays with it for one day. You just wasted $55. This is (almost) the exact same situation.

Saving your name? Wow! I don’t need it. My name is unique enough that nobody would steal it (unless they’re jerks). Even if it’s taken, I have a whole bunch of names in the bank to pull out. People who’ve played MMORPG long enough should already have a whole name bank. They don’t need this whole “saving your name” thing. Loyalty points… I don’t know about that. The Capsule of Goodies is also useless. A Founder’s Hat? No. Legendary Accessories? They better be really good and not some bullshit +5 thing. In game Founder Title? I don’t care about that! If you really want to feel special, maybe. A monthly costume membership? I don’t know what that is, but I don’t care about costumes. Membership means you’re not getting this forever so no thanks.

A Kero pet is practically useless because it’s probably not going to help you in battle. I could go on.

Screenshot_4The only thing I see fit is the mount (faster travel) and the panther who will actually fight with you. But I’m not spending $300 on that. If I was going to buy something to get into the Founder’s Beta, I’d get the Supply Pack. At least they got upgrade scrolls and such. It’s a bit more valuable than the Gold Pack in my opinion.

You can still be in Founder’s Beta. Yup. If you really, really want to be in the beta.






Anyways, I did a bit of math and here is what I came up with.


I’ll end it with this: