Dragon’s Prophet

I first looked at Dragon’s Prophet because a friend told me that it was better than Vindictus (quest-wise). I was all in Vindictus fan mode at that time, saying, “WHAAAAAA?????” and taking insults to that. Anyways, I checked it out and thought that it wasn’t as fun gameplay wise. I didn’t care much about the quest since I liked the dialogues of it. The beginning of Vindictus was tedious, however. But this is about Dragon’s Prophet.

I wanted to give it a try since I don’t say it’s crap until I’ve played it and experienced the “crap” gameplay. Downloaded, installed, and I tried it out. Error. This is in 64-bit… I have 32-bit. FUUUU!! Well that went to the drain pretty quickly.

A month later, I decided to upgrade to 64-bit for other purposes (and to try out the game again). Downloaded, installed, and I tried it out. Error (0xc000007b). What? Seriously? I spent three hours trying to understand how to fix this problem, but it appears that I’m too stupid.

I give up on this game :c